Sushi Rewards - Still Broken!

So the rewards contract has been partially broken for about 9 days which is basically an eternity in DeFi. I know that Harmony Dev’s are aware of this but little info has been disseminated. What is going on? Is this being actively worked on or is it being worked on similarly to the epoch timeframes that are nearly double what they are supposed to be according to the doc’s and common knowledge? There are currently 3 major issues right now on the network and none of them seem to be getting the attention the require: Epoch times, RPC/ connectivity issues, and now Sushi Rewards contract (for the second time) has issues. The problems have been on going for multiple years, multiple months, and a couple of weeks respectively. I must admit, I am quite disappointed and upset at this point.


I feel you! I can share the insights I have.

  1. Communication of Problems: I know the Devs are having concrete plans of being more responsive to issues. Was feeling that already a little bit on Twitter the last days.

  2. Epochs: Wow, didn’t know that. Thought Epochs are depending on Blocktime, that was 2-3 times longer lately. But that got fixed in the past days. Do you have more insights for me or a link?

  3. RPC: Devs are looking into 3rd party services that guarantee decentralization and a more robust solution. In the meantime I would like that there would be a guide on how to setup an RPC so, that a DAPP could run their own RPC which would also provide them with a benefit compared to the competition, counteracting the additional costs for RPC traffic.

  4. Sushi: no insights :sweat_smile: