Poor Reflection on Harmony - #ONEquest

The way rewards are distributed for completing the #ONEquest contest (#ONEquest – Daily Race for 1M users) is inconsistent and counterproductive to 1wallet growth and continued use. Rewards are not distributed every day but instead dumped randomly to only a portion of users should have won. This is the address which executes the payouts (one1zn8j08p8fn5zd2ku4pvms9dqa7tw930mvdrt5h). The two most recent distributions were on 4/26 and 3/19.

4/26 - 10500 ONE paid out to wallets created between 4/2 and 4/17
3/19 - 2800 ONE paid out to wallets created between 2/23 and 2/26

… So assuming all those deserving a reward were paid prior to 2/23, those who participated between 2/27 and 4/1 received no reward?!

How can harmony incentivize adoption of a wallet by 1 Million users when we can’t follow the guidelines of our own contest supposed to do just that?

Good work @pjconleyy


i need more information before forming my own opinion but god damn

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