Test DAO - Grant Proposal

Name of DAO

Test DAO

Application Type

DAO Infrastructure

Proposal overview

At Test DAO, we evaluate various DAO tools across the ecosystem. At Test DAO, contributors from all over the DAO space are encouraged to join, and test various tools before implementing or recommending any changes on their main server. We take the opportunity to serve as the tester team to evaluate the legitimacy of new platforms that enter the space. We learn about tooling by getting our hands dirty testing projects that our members are interested in learning more about.

Proposal Ask:

We are asking for $50,000, the full amount of the DAO Bootstrap Grant. We hit just about every milestone for the Minimally Viable DAO; we created a multisig on Harmony with 9 signers, we created our DAO governance token TTST on Ethereum with a total supply of 1 Billion, and we have a DAO vote scheduled for 09/01/2022 to rotate signers for our multisig.


AMAs - We will incorporate AMA style interviews with the founders of the tested products. We believe that by adding an AMA series, we can learn more about the projects, and the reasoning behind its creation.

Review Blog - We will highlight products that the DAO has tested (think Consumer Reports, but for Web3)

Self-Sustainability - Our first step towards self-sustainability will be through sponsorship deals.


Test DAO will be working closely with BanklessDAO, as we are a subDAO of BanklessDAO. We have a few podcast hosts on our multisig, and we have connections to the founders of several DAO tools integrated on our server. Our AMAs will focus on the reason behind the creation of a specific DAO tool, and we will host workshops as well, demonstrating how to use the tool; both events will be streamed live on our YouTube channel. We’re currently recruiting writers from BanklessDAO to join us and write compelling articles on the DAO Tools that are integrated on our server via medium. Test DAO will be a reliable educational source for DAO tooling. We plan on hosting a minimum of 1 AMA/Workshop per week, and we will charge a monthly fee for DAO tooling projects, and DAOS that are aligned with us for a 15-30sec slot on all of our YouTube videos. We will also charge for a review on our Medium account as we grow as well.

Metrics for success

Test DAO will be the go-to discord server for testing new DAO tools before integrating them on your own server. During Q2 2022, we aim to have over 1,000 members in our Discord server, and to grow our Twitter following to at least 1,000 followers organically. We will host weekly AMAs and Workshops and will become recognized as a media powerhouse for DAO tooling. We will leverage our Review Blog on Medium, and our AMA/Workshop events for sponsorships, which help us reach self-sustainability by Q3 2022.


Infinitehomie.eth - Been in the DAO Space since late 2021. Learned about crypto in 2017 (right before the 2018 bear market). Have had a love for trying out technology since the old days in RadioShack. Currently in the Trad Fi Space as a branch banker. Contributing to BanklessDAO and other Web3 Spaces with Admin Work and Human Resources Work. Looking to learn about the DAO Infrastructure, to help people create their own communities, and venture into Web3 from traditional work spaces.

Jaris James - I’m ****A DeFi researcher that’s building relationships across the universe of DAOs. My intent is set on building strong relationships for the banklessDAO that can be leveraged for mutual benefit.

zjodreamer.eth - I got attracted to crypto by late 2017 primarily because of Bitcoin and Ethereum and the tech it offers to build a decentralized world. I have written many crypto-related articles in medium, mirror, etc., and still, write when I learn anything new in crypto. I am a DevOps guy in the web2 world in my day job. I also find time to contribute to DAOs, including building smart contracts, NFTs, etc. My eagerness to learn anything new in the crypto space brought me to Bankless DAO Research Guild, where I contribute to multiple projects. One of them is Test DAO, an initiative in Bankless to test out DAO tools currently available and identify the gaps in native DAO tools that are key to the success of DAOs in the long term.

Pancho - Got into the Web 3 ecosystem in mid 2020 and has experimented with different Defi, NFT and gaming applications on multiple chains. Anthropologist by training with market research and qualitative research experience, joined the DAO space in January 2022. Mostly interested in user experience and finding use cases that impact human lives in a positive with descentralized technologies and organizations.

Paul.eth - Fell into the crypto rabbit hole in late 2017. He was a BanklessDAO member and contributor since genesis in May 2021, currently as Translators Guild Coordinator. Paul founded BanklessDE (German) in September 2021 and started publishing Good Morning News in German in February 2022.

Sidthescriptkid - Hello! I am an infosec explorer and dev that is learning the ways of Web3 and the DAO. I provide Ops and Testing here in TestDAO. My goal is to have fun and assist in any way I can.

emmzii - Hey guys, I’ve been into crypto for over 3 years, I started with BTC like every other person and then I got more involved, now web3 and NFT is something that’s caught my attention. I’m currently contributing to help grow Bankless DAO and also massively active in People Dao now Test Dao and I’m willing to help grow this space and bring my talents into action.

jmluther.eth - I began participating in DAOs in late 2021 while researching various topics of personal interest and reading about the ConstitutionDAO. I have found that the energy and the vibe of the web3 community are as magical as minting your first POAP! I understand that the de-centralization of work is going to be the future which is just as exciting as buying your first NFT! Happy to be testing all of the web3 space innovations here at TestDAO.

Ashish G - I have worked at the intersection of customers and innovation. I launched new brands, worked in startup investing and incubation, helped set up an early-stage VCs and been a part of a strategy team. I’m passionate about Web3.0 and DAOs and believe that DAO tooling is a critical piece to bring the philosophy fully to life.

Harmony Mutisig Wallet


Schedule the Next Community Vote

We have a DAO vote scheduled for 09/01/2022 to rotate signers for our multisig. We will have a regular rotation of community members experiencing the responsibility of managing the DAOs treasury.

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Morning Jaris,
Does TEST DAO currently have a twitter account?

In your proposal overview you state “We learn about tooling by getting our hands dirty testing projects that our members are interested in learning more about.”

Guess my question would be, if you have low to no followers starting out, what work on tooling will need to be done?

What are your plans on marketing members to need education on your DAO tools?

thanks alot!

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Yes, we have a twitter account: https://twitter.com/thetestdao

We’re a subDAO of BanklessDAO, and we began testing DAO tools on behalf of BanklessDAO so they can experience the tool and get feedback from the community before integrating it on the server. Test DAO exists for users to test and receive education on how to use various DAO tools before making the decision of integrating them on their servers.


Will take a look.
Thanks for your response!

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TestDAO paves the way for DAOs in terms of DAOtools usage, the project has a unique concept, hopefully it takes off, because it will surely benefit all ecosystems in the space.


We are looking to build together. We will have a database, but we will also have a community of people that will help people build confidence to take the lessons they’ve learned in Test DAO about being a contributor, building a DAO, and growing in web 3 to other DAOs, or to their own DAOs as they build the space.

We want to be the safe space for people to grow in web 3. I believe we can get there.



I think TestDAO definitely deserves this grant. it’s is a pretty awesome project because the biggest barrier to entry for emerging DAOs is just the amount of junk that is needed to be sifted through. TestDAO is taking the legwork out of that so DAO’s can know what tools/protocols would work best for their needs. That’s such an important and valuable resource for any DAO.

That’s how it looks to me at least haha


I totally agree, the TestDAO is getting there. I am ready to support in any way I can.:muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:

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Test Dao is definitely up to the task and will do great in testing and whatever else it’s required to do. I put my faith in it and we are ready to put in as much work is needed. Test Dao deserves this grant


TestDAO conceptually deals with two major issues in the space: How to identify the best ways to keep a DAO ecosystem going without negatively impacting that ecosystem to a very high degree and how to do that while remaining authentically decentralized. I think that solving the issues of DAOs through a DAO is the best approach you can have.

Moreover, the progress tracking system it proposes through weekly newsletters and AMAs is fairly comprehensive and easy to commit to without being exhausting to people engaging with it from outside and within the DAO.

However, in order for the DAO to fulfill its promises, it clearly demands consistent engagement from a team of DAO accustomed individuals. This of course demands resources, not only to compensate the talent already existing in the DAO but also to attract more talent and keep it committed to the mission.

Thus, this project while promises a lot, needs and deserves the financial backing to be able to support its mission and deliver the expected KPIs.

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I think Tests DAO vision is great!

There is soo much going in web 3 and one definitely needs a body to filter through the noise and bring us the gems.

They have a great team !

I’m bullish!

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I am so excited about TestDAO which is one of the most essential spaces out there for the growth of DAOs. Still in its very early stages and we have a lot to go but this is one space where we can test out any web3 tool and hence a grant is most welcome at this point to get more resources and time in this super cool effort!

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Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and will assign a representative on behalf of the Grants Ops team.

We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

This is assigned to @gabby

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.

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thank you so much for reviewing!

As much as I like the Idea but can this not be a subchannel on the 1DAO Alliance? Every DAO gas experience something different and have different needs but having an overview is for sure needed.
I saw you directory is still quite empty :man_shrugging:t3:
And to be honest I also don’t like the term you using “Grant Hunt Project”, at first view it looks like you hunting for money from web3 fondation, fantom and harmony :sweat_smile:

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Very valid questions!

I’m terrible with names so I would call that grant hunt project a “suggestive title”. I can see what you mean however.

This is more of an idea that was built out of my experiences in Bankless DAO, dealing with trying new things, and learning about new tools. What we look to do here is simple.

Essentially we are looking for funding to get the testing process and other things off the ground. What is different here is that we are using testing processes (swot analysis, risk, etc) to build our experience in DAO infrastructure, via our own DAO build out.

I hope this helps, however I’d look forward to any other questions you may have!

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Note, we are more so using bip.so, and less notion…also.

In the moment @StrongMindsHold get all DAOs together and @ElixirofLife has already a list of DAO tooling.
Think all DAOs should work together over 1DAO Alliance on such a list and what tooling can help. Ideally we would host that on charmverse so everyone can sign up with the 0x and contribute :rainbow:

Are you apart of the 1dao alliance?

The idea is not just to have a database, but to help people put the tools in the growing database to use. We help people learn by doing.

Is there an aspect of this in 1dao? I’d be interested in learning more.

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I wonder what happens next?

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