Test the host standby validator node setup

Hi, validators, I need your help to test a new feature recently released in v4.2.1.

This feature is a backup validator setup created by this bounty.

I knew some validators are still running hot backup nodes, which means two or more identical validators nodes on the network to ensure high uptime. However, these hot backup nodes will cause a huge risk of a hard fork problem when we go fully decentralized. So, we designed this bounty/feature to enable a hot standby node setup. The standby node won’t join in the consensus automatically, but it will sync to the latest blockchain. It can be triggered as the active node via an RPC call (cli supported as well). So, an external configuration/setup is possible with additional tooling/monitoring support. This kind of requirement is the same as all the PoS blockchains, such as Cosmos, Ethereum 2.

Please feel free to test out this new feature in your node setup, and comment on the GitHub issue for any success or failure.

Thanks for your support. You may also comment in this post if you don’t have github account.


Hello Leo, thank you for your work and your explanations.

I just have one thing to ask about :

  • [optional] reliable automated switch between active/passive nodes (additional $500 rewards)
    Can we make this mandatory ?
    The ability to switch automatically will be extremely useful if something wrong happen on our master node over night or when we don’t have access to our node.

Thank you very much for your attention!


  • This bounty is closed already w/o the auto-switch feature.

  • Auto switch has to be bulletproof to avoid duplicated node setup. This can be done via an additional monitoring service. The current feature provides the functionality to switch active/passive nodes. It is the building block.

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