The implementation of auto-staking option

Hello everyone,

Regarding to recent changes in undelegation time, I was thinking, it might be a good idea to add auto-stake (restake) option in dashboard for the delegators who would like to restake their collected rewards automatically for compounding. This will help with the hassle of manually collecting rewards and then restaking them for each epoch and also the effective staking rate in the long term.

By setting this option, all the collected rewards in the current epoch and from now on, by default, will be restaked with the same validator, from the start of the next epoch and will get to collect rewards. As the new undelegation period is 0, under any circumstances when a delegator wants to get their tokens back, they can easily undelegate them and have access to their tokens at the start of the very next epoch.

About the current limitation for the manual restaking which is 1000 ONE, this limitation could be waived for the restake option. In any case, this option doesn’t impose a new limitation for those delegators, although my suggestion is this option be accessible and applicable for such cases as well.

Please let us know your opinion and possible considerations or suggestions which you might have.



I think that this is an outstanding idea! I love where youre going with this!

May i recommend that it is variable, if possible? That way if someone only wanted to claim 25%, and redelegate the rest, they would be able to do so. Does that sound like it might be a good feature?

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Set it and forget it, I like it.

Hey @asvender :wave:,

I agree that it would be helpful to have “Auto Restake” implemented and button ON/OFF and I also agree that it might be helpful if we can lower the minimum delegation allowed !
autorestake ON autorestake OFF

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