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Dear Pangaeans,

As part of our extensive testing initiative for open staking, we’d like to invite some of you as ‘Delegators’ to come test our staking dashboard and give your feedback! We’ll start with an initial group of 50 people and keep repeating if we have more interest. Your goal is to maximize your staking returns, don’t forget - top performers and contributors will be rewarded!

Create your one address and sign up here Explore Typeform | Create your own surveys, quizzes, forms


#Harmonauts assemble!! :woman_astronaut::rocket:

As part of our extensive testing initiative for #openstaking, we’d like to invite you as a #delegator to test our staking dashboard (http://staking.harmony.one) and post your feedback on our forum (http://talk.harmony.one)! We would love to see how many rewards you can earn with 1⃣️Million initial funds!

:moneybag:A total of 250,000 $ONE rewards will be distributed to delegators who earn rewards. We will share final earnings after product feedback ends next Friday.

:moneybag:Up to 250,000 ONE rewards pool for all good product feedback shared on

1⃣️Create a new #ONE address to sign up with: http://harmony.one/delegators

2⃣️It will be funded with 1M test tokens. DM me on telegram.

3⃣️Familiar yourself with our token economy model and optimize your validator portfolio

4⃣️Share your feedback on http://talk.harmony.one

:date:This campaign will last for ONE week and ends on Apr 29.

:dart:Your goal is to maximize your staking returns - top performers and contributors will be rewarded!
:pray:@sophoah has posted some quick notes on how to maximize APR, which can be a good starting point. You are also welcome to post your staking strategy. [staking strategy] Quick Guide On Return Optimization
:writing_hand:Post UI issues and suggestions under the feedback thread: http://harmony.one/dashboard

Tell us what makes a good delegating journey. Your opinion matters :heart: Happy delegating

:question:How do i create a wallet address?
See this link and the video explanation: How to Use Harmony Browser Extension

:question:Can I use an old wallet address?
It has to be an empty one and only used for delegation during the contest period, so I suggest you create a new one. Your address on Ankr is a validator address, so you cannot use that one.
Regular transactions(which means you fund the wallet yourself) besides the initially funding transaction will disqualify you.

:question:Is this a realistic return rate?
See much rewards you can earn with 1M initial fundings. However, because we are still at the testnet stage, the return rate can be inaccrate thus cannot be a referrence of real earnings on the Mainnet.
However, staking mechanism is the same thus it is a good practice for you to familiarize yourself with the delegating process and the best staking strategy.
At the same time, we hope you can give us suggestions on the UI side of the dashboard to help us guarantee a flawless delegating journey.

:question:How long does it take to get a wallet and stake?
Nothing techincal. Only takes 10 min. As easy as downloading and registering on an APP.

User Testing Guide

Using the staking dashboard(staking.harmony.one) any ONE holder can delegate their tokens to validators and earn rewards. We want to test how easy it is for our community to delegate their ONE tokens. We’re also interested in seeing how you can come up with interesting strategies to maximize your returns while staking.

We’ll fund your one address with 1,000,000 test ONE tokens to kick start your delegator journey. Before you continue on this quest, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our token economic design and Effective Proof of Stake (EPOS) mechanism.

Your goal:

  • Maximize your staking rewards. Don’t forget that the top performers and contributors will be rewarded!
  • Share key insights and feedback on the delegation user experience on our staking dashboard.

What to test:

  • Test the staking economic logic: delegate to validators with high expected returns. We encourage you to share your staking strategy on our forum.
  • Test the delegation flow: view list of validators, check global view page, delegate, un-delegate, claim rewards. Give us user-experience feedback on the delegation user flow/journey and report any issues on our forum.

Share the results:

  • Post feedback or suggestions on this thread
  • Ask any question you have on the Pangaea main group.


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What makes a good delegating journey for you?
Share with us your thoughts on our staking dash board . You opinion matters! :blush:

You have better answers to many questions, here are some examples you can help us think.:point_down:

  • What are the best criteria to rank validators? What is the most intuitive way to navigate delegators under the EPoS mechanism?
  • What if I delegate to 50 validators? How can I manage multiple delegations?
  • Should used names of a validator shown somewhere?
  • How can a delegator be warned of potential risks associated with the validator?
  • Is there any ineffective information on the staking dashboard?
  • Should we add an auto-chat bot?

We currently see “Validator is elected in committees at current epoch” or “Validator is not elected in committees at current epoch” in the validator spotlight. I believe this information doesn’t give users additional information the “Elected” or “Not Elected” button already gives. My suggestion is displaying epos-status in that section instead. This gives additional, more useful information to the users.

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verification of validator identiry
:black_joker:: Suggestion: Do not allow duplicates of validators

  • :black_joker:C7: But we might have a problem if any partner wants to use the same name for his firm and exceed the number of keys or …hm…

  • :slight_smile: What happens if my validator crashes and someone starts a new one with “my” name, Stake-O-Rama, before I get my validator back on line?

  • If I name my validator “Walt Disney Company”, will Harmony take that name away when Disney sues? :tophat: great question
    :wolf:if Disney notices a single validator on our network we will be pretty famous at that point haha - we should be able to cover the lawsuit (^_^)

    • :beers: yeah, ima have to change my validator picture eventually… lol
  • If “Stake-O-Rama” (my node) crashed, could someone else grab that name before I restarted it?

    • :black_joker: Had this week this example ,someone stolen/duplicated my validator name :smiley:
      :aries:You can still have the same name… Your one1… address is what makes it unique and on the dashboard your icon of course.
    • How many delegators look at the one name?
    • :black_joker:C7: Icon can be copied nope, the one1… nope…but who gives so much attention to address ?

show slashing information - whether downtime has caused slashing

  • I suspect that most potential delegators want to evaluate validators on some combination of return and safety, but different people will have a different combination. One aspect of return is whether the validator’s return is capped. One aspect of safety is whether a given validator (or owning wallet) has been slashed in the past. Another aspect of safety is how long a given validator has been elected. The validator stats page makes it possible to compute the first and has % uptime, but 100% over 10 hours is not the same as 99% for 1000 hours. :aries:This seems a strange comparison to me… :wink:
    • 100% over 10 hours is easy. 99% over 1000 hours is evidence of reliability.

interesting idea of stake insurance

  • Speaking of safety, some folks might be willing to pay for “slash insurance” or, better yet, guaranteed return, or at least no loss.
  • Speaking of “insurance”, IIRC, currently validators can change their return rate whenever they want. As a delegator, I’d like a guarantee that the return rate won’t change. I’d settle for “won’t change before {future date}.” That seems like something that would be easy to implement.

automatic restaking tool

  • Perhaps other information, including negative, about a given validator should be in a mouse-o
  • As a delegator, I shouldn’t have to monitor validators. How about a bot that automatically moves my stake from a capped or just slashed validator to an uncapped and “hasn’t been evil” validator. Perhaps better would be just one on my approved list. If not a bot, then how about an e-mail?

I wonder if I can see pending undelegations anywhere?
It would be very helpful if this should be possible.

Delegations list is messed up in mobile view. Here is a screenshot from Samsung Galaxy S10+ using Brave browser:

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this is great feedback BaJa, we are aware of the issues and are fixing this.
if you only undelegate part of your delegations, it will show up in pending undelegations.

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Hi Maggie can we add the extension for chrome and brave for the people that dont have much knowledge in adding it manually, I mean the latest version



No remove account button to manage the accounts


should have a recover with private key here

or make this private key more noticeable enough when the white arrow is on private key the color should change or there is no sign showing this is a button

import keyfiles for Ankr users, marshall has submitted github issue

Hello, would it be possible if we have an auto restake button for delegation? So that every time when the collected rewards have been met the minimum balance for restake it has been automatically restake to the validator even the delegator didn’t open it


Right now delegation is easy like 1,2,3 and go. But need more improvement in UI. And also update chrome extension for easiness.

Hello everyone, for me I managed to use math wallet extension, so far no issue and the integration with the staking explorer works really well.

Here is a quick how to delegate after having your address already created in mathwallet :

  1. Look for your validator of choice
  2. click on the delegate button
  3. set the amount then click on next
  4. On the next windows, click on “Confirm and Sign”
  5. in the math wallet popup, put the password if any then click on Accept

@Maggie I also had the same issue as @BaJaSam when testing it and I confirmed not undelegating everything works :

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By the way, I have a suggestion for the staking dashboard UI. There is currently a “reward rate history” of the validator based on the rate/APR. Can we have as well something similar but not based on the rate but simply based on the reward earned by the validator ? think that would give a very good idea on what the delegator can expect after calculating its share among other delegator.


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Under “Portfolio,” the lines are disjointed between the stake and reward categories.

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I’ve now delegated to 15 or so validators and I have some thoughts:

  1. Delegating to multiple people could be easier. For some reason, I can’t open the validator’s page with a new tab which makes it more tedious. I’m the kind of person who would open 10 validators I want to delegate to in 10 different tabs, so I don’t have to go back and forth.

  2. Could we maybe have a feature where if you’re delegating and the validator goes down for an extended period of time, you’re automatically undelegated? Not sure if this is a good idea, but just a thought.

  3. I would like to see ‘max delegation’ in the Validator dashboard alongside uptime, stake, fees, etc. I have clicked on validators only to notice that their max delegation was already reached. Maybe it would be possible to add and delete these columns depending on what people want to see.

  4. When you click on a validator and go back to the main dashboard, the organization of the dashboard automatically reverts back to being organized by largest stake. If I am delegating, I am looking at ‘uptime’ and ‘expected return’ and not largest stake. So, the dashboard reverting back to being organized by ‘stake’ is a bit annoying.

  5. I would like some more data in my ‘portfolio’ section. What are my rewards over time? What does it average per day? So far, I have none of this information in my Portfolio.

  6. And of course, the Portfolio Allocation is not working properly like some people already mentioned. Which is a shame, because I wanted to see all my delegations in a neat chart :sweat_smile:

Anyway, these are my thoughts. Thanks, Harmony team and keep up the good work.


Another suggestion, is it possible to have a warning or alert if the delegator will be going to delegate into someone who have been high APR but low stake on which is the probability of not getting elected is high? So that the delegator will be inform for that risk before delegate.

Also, can we able to have a bot or an app that could inform us if the validator who was been delegated by us was not elected or performing malicious acts that cause slashing our stake? So that we can undelegate it and move to other performing validator

Would also be okay if we have an statistics or graph about our earnings from the previous to present day?

Would also been possible if every validators profile in the staking dashboard was have an own staking calculator for rewards since the APR and fees rate between validators are different so that it can help us to choose and calculate for which is better to delegate on

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I would like to have the opportunity to have (and store) my own filter on the validator page, for example show only validators with uptime > 95% and Fees <10%. It should be possible to decide if I want this as my default view every time I come to this page, preferably with a functionality to quickly turn filters on and off.