Tranquil Finance

Why doesn’t tranq allow people to buy the $ONE debt and pay them the interest on the one debt. The Harmony protocol needs an. app asap I cannot seem to communicate with anyone on tranq. I think they should give people the option of buying the bad debt on tranq and tranq can pay out interest to the people who purchased it. We need to have borrowing and lending up ASAP!

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There is AAVE… Hold on… Oh shit.

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What a GREAT idea…Hopefully you are heard.

what does aave have to do with tranq?

It offers (offered) borrowing and lending Matthew.

they are completely separate projects

Aave is a decentralized crypto lending platform that lets users borrow and lend crypto. Aave uses smart contracts to automate the process. It specializes in overcollateralized loans that require users to deposit crypto worth more than the amount that they wish to borrow.

It would be great to be able to use AAVE on Harmony chain.

you have been everywhere with this your aave issue . everything is aave to you. And you need to give it a rest at this point.

Tranquil actually does let you liquidate overleveraged holdings, it’s just a hidden option Tranquil Finance
But it does not really make much financial sense.

Good advice to you: mind your own business. Don’t tell others what to do or what to think.

Look you’re just creating discord… AAVE has nothing to do with Tranq. It’s telling GM to add tablets in their seats so all gm customers can enjoy netflix and you’re saying wait what about Ford… Two separate companies nothing to do with each other , but they both make cars. Please go to the right forum for this issue. Tranq and AAVE are not affilaited…

Where is this option. If we can purchase the overleveraged assets we could get incentive and it would open up borrowing and leveraging again much quicker

I linked it above
But as stated, it is not profitable to do so.

I can see why it’s not profitable. But If Tranq allowed us to buy the bad ONE debt with ONE we could recover all of that ONE faster. Would be nice to have borrowing and lending opened back up with tranq. Even If it’s just one at the moment. I see what happened when hack came people borrowed 300k+ in stable coin against one because the oracles were not updated. and cashed out and ran!!! We could liquidate that 1 within community with incentive!!! Someone from tranq should listen…

Somehow the same issue as AAVE, those positions can not profitable liquidated if 1USDC is not correct valued. And you can not just replace collateral with another. Also if you would now open the market those with locked ONE due to the mess would immediately withdraw and you are just their exit strategy. We have to wait until value is restored… There was a time in between there could have been the chance to liquidity several positions also on aave but that would have required a change in the oracle.

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Tranq is not locked you can withdraw and deposit. You just cannot borrow. If tranq allowes us to purchase ONE with ONE , It would be the fastest wat to recover one. And we could replace depegged assets with pegged and open up lending and create a path recovery much faster?