Tranquil Finance RUG PULLED - recover ONE stuck there

I am new to this forum.
I hadn’t visited for over a year until recently only to find out that they have pulled the rug and are nowhere to be found.
I had staked all my ONE in their contracts and now have tqONE…Assuming they haven’t siphoned everything from the contract is there anyone who can guide me as to how to instruct an operation to withdraw my ONE (and burn the tqONE). This is the contract I interacted with Harmony Blockchain Explorer . I know etherscan has a functionality to interact with contracts but I don’t think has the same…
I would really appreciate if anyone could guide me in the right direction

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Immediately got bombed by 3 scammers redirecting me externally with “live support”… this forum is more infested with scammers than discord…

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They shut down with an announcement, not quite a rug.

You can get a small payout for your tqONE here.


Not a rug. Stealthy market exit.

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The website is down. Butt the *Back end is still intact. Possibly reach out and tag. Me: butthead_US
Or Soph in the HarmonyONE discord. We may be able to help. Soph id ONE of the lead H1 DEVs
& I have saved the basic instructions.

So, the ONE should still be retrievable. Should. :blue_heart:


What is this? WHy do I need to receive a “small payout”? My ONE is in a smart contract unless the Tranquil Team did not steal all the staked ONE already…

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What is the difference? The result is kind of the same…

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Their loans were under water so there were no funds to withdraw.

They couldn’t cut a deal with harmony so they closed up shop and this is the only offer of a payout.

You can take it or leave it at this point. I’m not sure what the odds of other recovery options may be in the future for tranq users.

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hey bro , i face the same problem .
can u find the discord link , or how to take back the stake .
anyone need help ?

Their discord is here Defiraverse

At the moment the only site to burn your tqONE coins is below: