Trustless Team - FishFight: Check-in 2/3

> Team name
Trustless Team
> Chosen hackathon track/s
Track 3: Cross-Chain - “DeFi/NFT/DAO”
> What did you work on this week?
We have been working on a Fight contract that takes two Fish NFTs and computes a fight based on their fighting traits. We have built out connections from the front end to interact with the smart contracts. The actual game views in Unity have been built out, we have our initial Catch, View, and Fight camera actions set. Our Unity frame now interacts with the React front end and we can pass data back and forth.

> What are you hoping to complete by next week?
We want to keep building out the Unity scenes and interactions with the front end. We also are going to start generating static metadata for each users fish when they are minted. Then making more progress on front end styling. The stretch goal for the week would be adding ERC20 tokens and interactions to the game.
> Are you blocked by anything?
Not currently.
> How can Harmony core team help?
Nothing needed currently.

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