Trustless Team - NFT Game Update - Check In

> Team name
Trustless Team

> Chosen hackathon track/s
Track 3: Cross-Chain - “DeFi/NFT/DAO”

> What did you work on this week?
This week the team was focused on 3 areas. The ERC721 solidity contract development, Unity development, and frontend integration with the contract. Currently we can mint the game NFTs with randomly generated values in the frontend and parse unique traits from those values. We also have an initial Unity scene running within the frontend.

> What are you hoping to complete by next week?
By next week we want to have the users game NFTs loaded into the frontend Unity instance and incorporate a few other interactions with the Unity scene. We also would like to start styling and theming the frontend.

> Are you blocked by anything?
Not currently.

> How can Harmony core team help?
Is there a way to log solidity contract errors or general console logs when running the Harmony localnet docker node? We use the built in VRF functionality of Harmony, so we need to do testing on the Harmony node, and not the hardhat node.


@schwab16 I’ll circle back with you on this once I gather more info on error logging mechanisms

(Thanks @rongjian!) you could change this line of log to Info() log and the EVM error will be logged in the /tmp_log folder: harmony/state_transition.go at main · harmony-one/harmony · GitHub