Validator DAO Term 4 – Payroll

To be fully transparent we show the hours worked per the Validator DAO Term 4 Governors. We worked the full term and only were included in the famous “1DAO Alliance” group who pretty much is dead right now. Our timesheets and all transactions are shown below :point_down:

Timesheet Week 1 & 2 Overview
Timesheet Week 1 & 2 Detailed
Timesheet Week 3 & 4 Overview Timesheet Week 3 & 4 Detailed
Timesheet Week 5 & 6 Overview Timesheet Week 5 & 6 Detailed
Timesheet Week 7 & 8 Overview Timesheet Week 7 & 8 Detailed
Timesheet Week 9 & 10 Overview Timesheet Week 9 & 10 Detailed

Transaction for @StakeIt , Week 1 & 2
Transaction for @QuickOne , Week 1 & 2

Pending Payments

We request Harmony to pay us 414,284.0673 ONE, the remaining amount for the worked hours.

We are still owners of the Multi-Sig wallet of Harmony which is transparent and you could join the Wallet in read mode by adding the safe under

Name of Safe: Harmony Validator DAO Treasury
Safe address: 0x13AA46E8c8378Bd4c4546962bb66935e7630364D

The multi-sig wallet is still owned by the following 9 governor wallets:

PiStake - 0xB5944759079B58Fb507935F7549b1d39fE716fC7
HoundOne - 0xAcF55BeC11D38A1a13dAa13668032CaA2ca59c2D - 0x53d2ae319920Cf1Ea1Ef754e91150d6C356a815d
Crypt0Tech - 0x636A6aC54b1230903FfCd38AD5a22491cbB798c8 - 0x3d1a3FFcA0a0DF2e311A86DE81e01bC2C026892e
Affinity Shard - 0x1b7fdd0506667e4a3970d9a27be3060c9971F5A5 - 0xFDbF61d09bFAd5B38963369eaC44F26Fa83B8F73
James – StakeIt.ONE - 0x45879d5626939db29008Fbd33cb1a418929548eF
QuickOne_Validator - 0x62a6DFD33A96ed23bE7044FCa30369dBD1912d71


FWIW, if R1 is funded this is something that we can discuss and vote on. I know that your deal is with the Harmony Foundation, and that by all rights this is an agreement that has already occurred, but we can bring it back to the table as a community and even discuss the 200M that is staked as a possible means to pay down old debts.

I would also say that there needs to be an audit of unpaid debt claims in order to fully understand and classify them. It may help to have a structure in which we can strategize different debt repayment via categories.

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