🚨 Validator DAO Vote - HIP-14

:rotating_light: Validator DAO Vote :rotating_light:

HIP-14: Update Staking Portal ER/Uptime Metrics; Add Additional Information

:spiral_calendar: Start: Nov 4, 2021
:spiral_calendar: End: Nov 18, 2021

:writing_hand:Talk: talk.harmony.one/t/hip-14-update-staking-portal-er-uptime-metrics-add-additional-information/1824
:ballot_box:Vote: gov.harmony.one/#/staking-mainnet/proposal/QmXemgh9rm578TBbUTFXRh9KkxkvVJmEDCTgRfN7ymgAtN

@harmonyprotocol $ONE #VDaoDotOne

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If you have not voted yet please do so.

If you know anyone on this list please encourage them to use their voice and vote!

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