Validators represent their delegators (+,-,?)

found an interesting post on the internet that aligns with the assertion that ‘validators are representing their delegators when it comes to making decisions on

there’s a quote:

Blockchain and crypto technologies are bringing very positive changes to various sectors. With DeFi, It changed the financial sector by letting the average individual become active stakeholders of financial networks. It is giving artists and musicians more control over their work and royalties via NFTs.

Similarly, Blockchain technology has the potential of enabling true democracy at all levels of governance through Decentralized Autonomous Parties (DAP).

one holders fam (validators and delegators), please read the full post Decentralized Autonomous Parties — The future of democracy | by E2Analyst | Predict | Jul, 2021 | Medium (less than 5 min to read) and let’s talk about how is that important to the whole VDAO if validators will actively communicate governing decisions to the entities of their delegation?

a) should a validator inform the delegators with which decision it’s going to participate at the voting?
b) should a validator make his decision public before the voting and discuss it with delegators if they don’t understand why a certain validator makes this choice (whether it’s ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’ choice)?
c) what should/shouldn’t a validator do more?
d) go forth with your vision on the raised query

ps: we’re at the early origin of building a decentralised autonomous organisation for our stakeholders; it’s clear that validators tech background makes them advanced before delegators, but I feel a strong need to ask your opinion on how is that important for the DAO purposes to have an equal access to the similar rights for all staking contributors?


I think that’s an interesting point. As far as I noticed, validators - that I am aware of - announced their voting decision afterwards, leaving delegators no chance to have a conversion or redelegate. I think communicating voting decisions will be a key point of chosing / changing a validator in the future. Not only based on their decision, but also on their ability to communicate and debate their decision process with their delegator.

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Great read. Thank you for sharing.

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When I started my validator I created a Telegram chat for my delegators. From point one I have polled the chat to see what the majority wants in terms of my vote. We discuss at length each proposal and so far it has worked very well.


I’m encouraged and excited that the raised question is recognised and noticed by the validators. I’ll be consistently spreading this point of view to masses and building appropriate behaviour of validators on as the vdao council member and forth.

thank you @Severin @Cook8523 @StrongMindsHold for taking time to show your thoughts on that :raised_hands:

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