Vegan Africa DAO - Project X Grant Proposal

Hi Sunny, any update on this?

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I’m asking again since my previous message was flagged. Any update?

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She left lol, it is so obvious at this point


I think Harmony should focus on gamefi not on these


Since @sunny4earth seems to be too busy flagging my messages to provide an update, I’ve took some time to craft it myself. Feel free to correct it or provide more informations!

NFT: No new sales on OpenSea, fingers crossed for the three known owners (the founder herself, one gifted in a giveaway and an Harmony Talk mod), hope you guys didn’t waste your money! If anyone is thinking to chip in, you’ll glad to know that the project itself is offering token for that as a bounty. This should be one the main channels to keep the DAO profitable, but it’s failing miserably to get any traction.

Despite the amazing success (30% of growth after the 20k grant), I can’t find a working link for it.

Everything on the project site seems to be on Fantom. I’d love to dive in more on the Harmony side, but the explorer is just terrible.

Next steps
Since they’re doing so great, it’s time to expand to other chains. If you guys love to write, you can help our favourite vegan founder with her 3 news proposals for Harmony, Hbar and Near. Oh, and we’re still looking for the governors!


oh lmaooo @lij you see this?


Looks like they also had a “Grant Hunt Project” :sweat_smile:


@sunny4earth is busy drafting another proposal named pet animal DAO.

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So form multiple DAOs. Payout bounties in your own DAO coin to get another possible $100k in harmony grants.
@lij @frwrdslosh

The community is watching and not going to stay on board if this keeps getting shoved in everyone’s face.

This is blatant fraud!

Someone that is paying bounties for new DAO proposals to get funded has NO CARE FOR HARMONY ONE!! Plain and simple.



I’m happy to see the same community members throughout the talk forum. It shows a passion and a commitment to Harmony and its success. Which is something we all want. Keep the comments constructive.

The Vegan Africa DAO was a $20K Project X investment given by @dcarranza and Harmony during Eth Denver. There is no further commitment to funding.

Would you mind explaining what you mean by “if this keeps getting shoved in everyone’s face.” Harmony does not delete proposals. I can close this thread, but believe that it should remain open to receive updates from VA DAO and @sunny4earth.

Hey man,
Be glad to go over it.

OK- So we all know DAOs have a very negative POV at the moment.
The community is looking into these DAOs and trying to understand how they could possibly be approved.

Whether that be by metrics, same rotating governors from DAO to DAO, no response to self sustainability, etc.

Vegan Africa DAO is the ENTIRE reason why people are so up in arms over Harmony’s grant program.

You have to understand. The founder is involved with 4 other approved DAOs including this Project X and have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to show for it.

We know have found out that Vegan African DAO is giving out incentives for people to create DAO proposals to submit to Harmony. That is absurd.

In order for the community sentiment to head in a positive direction in the future. These type of DAOs/Project X should not be promoted. It reminds everyone how scammy these program became.

The community has no problem getting behind APPROVED DAO grantees that are actually doing something for the ecosystem.

You do not pay people bounties in order for them to create DAO proposals so she can submit them for a lot of money.

That is fraud with no intent to serve the ecosystem.

It is May 20th. The community should already have a list of DAOs that have been approved/how much awarded/ social media websites so we can track their movement.

Evidence is clear that some Harmony members gave grants to people that had NO intentions of ever fulfilling any metrics. I don’t believe anyone at Harmony had any bad intentions while giving out the grants- I want to make that very clear!

I would like to give an example to end with.

Sunny is looked upon in the community as someone who robbed Harmony. Now imagine, Harmony having to walk out of their house daily and see what Sunny Satva and her multiple DAOs/Projects are up to.

It doesn’t leave a good taste in your mouth and the feelings and emotions of the DAO current state will never turn positive.

Message me anytime on here if you would like to contact by that method.

Thanks again brother!


Hoping I can get some insight from @sunny4earth, here.

If proposals are brought to the talk forum they will be reviewed. DAO Bootstrap proposals are not automatically approved or funded.

This will be live by the end of the month. It’s something that I’m populating now. And it’s absolutely necessary.

Thanks again for your insights, @amartay1986, greatly appreciate your perspective and commitment. I’ll def be messaging. :blue_heart:

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I think opposite is true. I believe people at Harmony are actually the ones with 1) bad intentions and 2) negligence. Boris Polania is best example of it (but not the single one).

Decision to even go into direction of using DAO was a centralised one. Decisions about funding or denying DAO (as well as launch grants) are centralised ones.

The big AMA about DAO was a month ago, and since then Harmony had big internal meeting to address this problem (and mind you, only because it’s been fueled by community outrage already long before that).

What has happened since then? Nothing. Think, how long would take YOU to do that? It should take how day at most to go around all these topics, tell which ones are funded, which are not and close them and address the community appropriately. (Funny, seeing the last message from Harmony team member as I was writing this reply :joy:).

Root cause of the problem is not Sunny and all the others like her, it’s Harmony.

Harmony has no leadership, it’s bad intentioned, mismanaged, neglected business. I have no faith in you.

That said, this will be my last post in the entire DAO saga, I only came here now because someone sent me a DM and I received email notification.

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Appreciate that man!

If proposals are brought to the talk forum they will be reviewed. DAO Bootstrap proposals are not automatically approved or funded.

You must understand it is DAO farming to be paying others in tokens ‘that are pretty much worthless’ in order for Sunny to copy and paste that DAO proposal on here.

Sunny shouldn’t be the one to address the other 3 DAO involvements.

Someone from Harmony that is approving these grants should be the one to come out and say why this happened.

Again, no issue with you and please don’t take this personally.

At this point, I almost want to submit a DAO oversight proposal because that’s what it is going to take to get these looked into properly.

Have a great weekend!

Thank you for your feedback @Sbae, as always. DAO Bootstrap funding and approvals have been paused since the beginning of May.

You mentioned this process should take “days”. I don’t believe that is a good idea. Time should be spent going through proposals and allowing community members, like yourself, to ask questions and show support or not. Rushing to a decision could create other instances of “mismanagement” or perceived bad intentions.

If you would like to continue this conversation please send me a message and we can jump off this thread and leave it for more relevant updates for the VA DAO.

Bro, you asked Sunny here publicly to “have some insight” lmao. Are you trying to be “just” and let her speak/defend herself like it’s a court or something? That she may or may not to respond at her leisure (spoiler: she won’t).

She is doxxed to you guys, isn’t she? You should have fuc*ng called her cell phone MONTHS ago and demand explanation. But you won’t. Why? Because you are part (THE part) of the problem.

You joined telegram group I created 8th May, that’s two weeks ago. Nothing happened. If you wanted to talk/address it, you could have easily done it. But instead you try to pull wool over eyes. This is exactly why I have no faith in you and don’t believe this is not ill intentioned (you personally and Harmony as a whole).

Don’t bother, I am done.


Take care. DM’s are always open.


Best of luck @sunny4earth ! Keep up the good work!