Vegan Africa DAO - Project X Grant Proposal

Name of DAO
Vegan Africa DAO

Application Type
Project X Grant Proposal

Proposal Overview
The Vegan Africa DAO will drive the marketing efforts of the Vegan Africa Fund (VAF). The Vegan Africa DAO amplifies the VAF network through strategic marketing and NFT launches. A Project X Grant will enable us to establish the DAO initial governors and launch + market a Governance Token on Harmony, with a goal to drive over 10,000 new users to the Harmony blockchain.

Problem to be Solved
Environmentally-minded investors are looking for a way into crypto that is aligned with their ethics, and we are excited to offer a solution.

Africa has some of the last remaining strongholds in the world for animals to exist in harmony with their ancestral land. These natural landscapes are under threat from unnecessary animal agriculture expansion across Africa. At the same time, there are thousands of environmentally-minded start-ups and established businesses that are seeking funding to scale production and offer global consumers sustainable vegan products made in Africa.

Our Three Mandates
Vegan - Elevate, through marketing, the profile of African-owned ventures focused on vegan production, and individuals focused on an eco-conscious lifestyle. Create connections linking vegan African companies to global distributors and customers.

Africa - Increase cultural sensitivity to the plant-based legacy of Africa through education. Strengthen the pan-African and global African diaspora community through art and events.

Fund - Direct capital into strategic campaigns to grow the Vegan Africa Fund liquidity pools. Launch NFT initiatives to fundraise for the Vegan Africa Fund and vegan African initiatives.

The Vegan Africa DAO will launch 10,000+ NFTs with utility to support the Vegan Africa Fund. Funds raised are invested in environmentally conscious start-ups. Holding one of our NFTs allows you to redeem it for vegan products made in Africa. The DAO will launch a governance token on Harmony as soon as possible, with a goal to draw 10,000 new users to Harmony through the Vegan Africa DAO.

The treasury of the Vegan Africa DAO will initially be directed following the funding request below. The treasury will be used to create, market, and sell high-value digital media and assets, build community infrastructure, and drive new members into the DAO, with funds generated supporting the Vegan Africa Fund. Long-term, the Vegan Africa DAO treasury will be directed by the community that holds the soon-to-be-launched Governance Token on the Harmony blockchain.

Deliverables for First 3 Months
Month One:

  1. Recruit final governors for the Vegan Africa DAO to be onboarded by Month Two.
  2. Determine artist(s) to design the NFT collection, where NFTs are redeemable for products from Vegan Africa Fund portfolio ventures.
  3. Consult with experts to create tokenomics structure for the Vegan Africa DAO Governance token.

Month Two:

  1. Launch an NFT collection that uplifts African artistry and enables us to fundraise for the Vegan Africa Fund.
  2. Deploy a marketing campaign, assess performance on a weekly basis, and adjust marketing channels and parameters accordingly.
  3. Raise exposure of the Vegan Africa DAO through podcasts and digital media.
  4. Soft launch of governance token and educational materials around this token.

Month Three:

  1. Recruit potential second-term governors such that over 12 potential governors are available for the first election, which will require governance tokens to vote.
  2. Vegan Africa DAO Governance token Airdrop. Reward those who have contributed to the community.
  3. Create a funding request for Harmony DAO funding to continue the Vegan Africa DAO expansion and capacity.

Metrics for Success

  1. Launch a 10,000 NFT collection, where in the future, each NFT is redeemable for a gift basket of African-made vegan products.
  2. Create a campaign to meet the Vegan Africa Fund’s initial funding goal of $500,000 through token sales while growing the community.
  3. Launch governance tokens and distribute them to active community members.
  4. Bring 10,000 new users to Harmony through the Vegan Africa DAO.

Path to Self-Sustainability

  • 3% of all funds raised through token sales will be re-directed to the Vegan Africa DAO for increased fundraising and marketing efforts.
  • The Vegan Africa DAO will apply for separate grants to enhance its operational capacity.
  • As the Vegan Africa DAO helps fuel more investment into the Vegan Africa Fund, it increases the Vegan Africa DAO treasury.
  • Continued NFT launches with the utility in the Vegan Africa network.

Decentralized Governance

  1. Sunny Satva - Founder of the Vegan Africa Fund, an angel investor in the first Kenyan-owned vegan protein production company, Vegan Basket. Author of two vegan cookbooks, bioengineer by training, passionate about reaching Sustainable Development Goals through impact investing across Africa.
  2. Shaila Agha - VAF Advisor and Director at Grassroots Economics, Kenya-based digital finance disruptor focused on providing equitable solutions to historically financially underserved communities. Multi-media artist.
  3. Melinda Wavamunno - Uganda-based Branding Expert and Branding Consultant for the Vegan Africa Fund. Head of Marketing at Uganda Fashion Week, digital branding expert.
  4. Florence Hanampota - Zambia-based founder of Eden Home Vegan Foods. Community leader, and alternative protein innovator. Cultural expert and African art and conservation enthusiast.

The above governance team will onboard the 5 other initial governors during the first month of the Vegan Africa DAO operations.

Next DAO governance election

  1. The initial governors will onboard the final 5 governors during the first three months of Vegan Africa DAO operations.
  2. May 1st Election for the second cohort of VAF governors.
  3. Once nine governors are established, apply for a Harmony DAO Grant.

Proposal Ask

We are requesting a Project X Grant of $20,000

External links
Project Link:

VAF White Paper (Fantom-based Token):

Project Video:


We are very interested in expanding beyond our current blockchain infrastructure and launching the next phase on Harmony. Loved meeting the team behind radical social change in Denver, and excited to collaborate further!

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great meeting you at ethdenver @sunny4earth

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Approved by Danny as part of Project X


it was amazing meeting you Li! excited to work closer with Harmony and to see you next time :blush:

Excited to build on Harmony!!! Grateful to you for believing in our mission, Danny!

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this $20k grant has been funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer


:confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: A huge thank you to the Harmony team! Excited to grow our community, and very grateful that Harmony supports our mission. Let’s keep creating :rocket:


Go Sunny!

So great to meet you in Denver. We had fun hanging with you at the Africa DAO event.

Let’s talk soon about how we can collaborate moving forward. Really love your proposal


Let’s Go Vegan for the Win :handshake:

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Amazing project proposal, can’t wait to see what exciting things y’all will accomplish! Congrats on the initial funding!


Hey Ru, it was so awesome to meet you! I’d love to collaborate and launch on MadNFT, let’s chat about it! Hit me up on Telegram :blue_heart: @sunny4earth

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Yesssss! We’re building a more compassionate world :green_heart: :confetti_ball: :rocket:


Thanks so much, Sam! We’re stoked to launch on Harmony and very grateful for the grant opportunity. We’re also excited for everything that we’ll accomplish :confetti_ball::blush:

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Great to see Veganism is taken to Harmony like this. I feel like there is much to win, if you are in Crypto you are already more open-minded than most. So much research and reading is already being done by the average crypto user. Why not expand this research a little bit more and do some on your own health, the environment and the planet. I think we can all objectively agree the world would be a much better place without killing earthlings. :heart:

Ayeee lets go :clap: happy this went your way :blue_heart:

Congradulations Sunny!! Was lovely to meet you at the vegan meet up in Denver! I am soooo proud of you sister! Please let me know how I can support. Love to be a governor at some point if you need another one :wink: 7079770746 … I just submitted to be a Harmony partner @InfiniteHarmony love your support big hugs

Harmony funded this with 20K USD back in February, maybe it is the right time to ask Sunny what’s the update on this DAO’s deliverables.


agree, we need update

Hello everyone - the past month and a half has been an exciting time for the Vegan Africa Fund. Migrating my existing project ( to a DAO on Harmony has been awesome, and the Vegan Africa DAO is growing. As we’re about halfway through our 3 month goals, seems time for an update.

Month One:
– Recruit Governors for the Vegan Africa DAO for onboarding: We are seeing the need for onboarding education for the Vegan African community, and beginning to create and share this information. Currently still searching for a fifth governor to apply for the Harmony 5 governor grant, and building the community through Twitter ( and Discord (VAF). We have grown our Discord 30% since receiving this grant.
– Determine artists to design NFT collection: We’re collaborating with an amazing Ethiopian artist team who generated our first NFTs and are creating more for future collections that we are VERY excited about.
– Consult with experts to create tokenomics structure: I’ve attended several Token Engineering workshops. White papers for VAFA and the NFTs are in development.

Month Two:
– Launch an NFT collection: We launched the Astral Giraffes on Mad NFTs – Astral Giraffes: Dragon Collection Archives - MAD | NFT and are exploring other Harmony Marketplace partnerships for future launches.
– Deploy a marketing campaign and assess: We’ve contracted a series of graphics for digital marketing of the Astral Giraffes on Instagram (Login • Instagram) and Twitter ( I attended NFT LA where I promoted the Astral Giraffes collections and was interviewed by NFT the Movie, which will highlight this collection and the Vegan Africa DAO (Login • Instagram)
– Soft launch of governance token and educational materials: We minted our Governance Token on Harmony! “VAFA” (Harmony Blockchain Explorer)

We’re currently one and a half months into receiving the Project X Grant. Some of the challenges I’m recognizing are onboarding our web2 vegan African community into DAO world, so if anyone here wants to collaborate on strategies for this please reach out to me!

Thank you again so much to the Harmony team for your support @dcarranza @lij And I want to make sure those who requested an update see this - please feel welcome to follow our us on the social networks linked to stay up-to-date! @A_TI @NathanFarms