Interested! - Ecosystem Development LatAm

Hey there! I just wanted to show my interest on exploring opportunites for value add at Harmony Ecosystem.

I currently have +4 years of experience at VC, CVC & StartUp ecosystem of LatAm, and looking forward to see how that can help Harmony to thrive :slight_smile:

I’m a Crypto enthusiast, non-technical, but a natural catalyzer for bussines and cooperation.


We love your initiative and would love to explore possible opportunities in this area. Please message me on telegram at @pjconleyy and we can speak more in depth.

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Hello! I just saw your message.
We are from México.
I would love to speak with you about my startup and what we are doing.

We are creating the First “help to earn” model. I am sure you will love it.

please reach out, we work do similar work in Africa… happy to share thoughts :slight_smile:

Hey there Mario! Great to hear about that.

You can reach me out on Telegram when you want! Telegram: Contact @Andes1234 :slight_smile:

Currently working on Corporate Venturing iniciative with some specific verticals but happy to talk to you!

Hi @Flaneur we just posted our proposal for a Harmony DAO grant. We want to help towards Animal Care and Aid with our first Impact Grants in LATAM
Do check out our project!

can you reach out on whatsapp +23058567301. We do similar things in Mauritius and Africa

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