Viewing Harmony NFTs that are minted on Testnet?

Hey all!

Tl;dnr - What’s the best way to go about viewing Harmony NFTs minted on Testnet

Mike Morgan, VP of Operations & Partnerships at Niftmint here. Tomorrow, our sister company, TF Labs, is having their first big Blockchain Conference since Covid, hosted here in the heart of Seattle, Washington (link →

We’ve been awarded a grant (company and project here), and part of what we’re doing is releasing Conference attendance NFTs for not just this event, but all the historical TF Conferences.

I’ve gone ahead and minted the first conference NFT on harmony’s testnet, but for the life of me, can’t find any ways of viewing the NFT on testnet. Everything surrounding the mint was successful, I just don’t have a way of visually confirming this before proceeding to mint the 700+ conference NFTs on mainnet.

Any advice for where to be able to do this? (OpenSea - No. DaVinci - no. Metamask - no.)

Hey Mike, Hope you got this figured out. Probably not any great way to view NFTs on Testnet but as long as the tokenURI() function returns the metadata json then you should be good. Just make sure the image is hosted and linked correctly in the json to be viewed by DApps.

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