Creating NFT marketplace

I created a smart contract to mint the NFTs,
I complete a test that user can be able to mint the NFTs directly from minting dApp, only on Harmony. But I’m stuck as I’m unable to interact with web3 library that how can someone see the NFTs that they are minted?
As if the contract deployed on Polygon, all the NFTs are visible on opensea.
But at Harmoney it’s hard for now, Also we can import the NFTs that we are minted on the DaVinci Gallery but can’t put it on sell at least for now.
Someone please some solution to fetch minted NFT to the website.

You can check the inventory section of your token at the explorer:

However, whenever I check this seems kind of junky.
I don’t know of any specific app that shows your custom NFTs.

You normally would create your own website and call the functions on the contract directly

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Can you please refer any git hub repo if you have that how should i create a website that will show the minted NFTs to the owner.
As I created a minting dapp/website for NFT but now I’m unable to to display the minted NFTs to owner. As if I mint it on polygon it can easily visible on Opensea but for harmony I’m unable to do that.

You basically fetch one/all tokens and get the image url and put that in the IMG SRC tag.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an appropriate example at hand. You can checkout the tutorial of @eddnorris

Maybe that helps. It uses color codes instead of images though.

There should be repo linked in the description.