We are looking for a developer

Hello community, we are looking for a developer who can do the following:

  • Build a website where you can sell a single collection of nft.
  • That supports payments in cryptos and credit card.
  • That it has 3.0 connectivity


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Hello, good day.
I am a full stack web developer with 5 years experience and a year plus experience with the web3 space. I am proficient with react.js, next.js, node.js, graphql JavaScript and typescript, and basic HTML and CSS also I can interact with smart contracts using ethers.js or web3.js

If Interested I can send you my resume

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Greetings, I would be interested in seeing your curriculum yes, I leave my telegram here and you can write me there. Telegram: Contact @Daaviis1993

I Hello, I have sent you a message on telegram

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Hey man, sorry to bother, I sent you designs on telegram