UI/UX Developer Position

Hey all,
We’re looking for a front-end UI/UX dev with React experience.

Who we are

FarmersOnlyFi. We are the first native auto-compounding vaults on Harmony and were recently awarded a $50k grant from the Harmony team. We have already setup vaults on 6 different Harmony farming sites with more coming soon. We have also implemented several features that, to our knowledge, no other vault sites have such as showing the user their total vault profits.

The Role

This role will be primarily responsible for recommending and implementing improvements to our UI. You will have a lot of support in terms of backend development, deployment, api setup and management, and even web3 development.

If you go to the website, it’ll be obvious that our UI is pancake/goose fork. This has helped us get things off the ground but we are looking for someone to help us with significant re-design.

If you are interested or know someone that is, please have them reach out!

Discord: @Cryptina#0001
Email: info@cryptina.info
Or message me directly on here.

Thank you!


I’m interested in this, but have very scant knowledge of web3 but am very well-versed in Ui/UX development as a fullstack engineer. Would love to connect and help get rolling.

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Hey perfect! Are you on discord? Let’s setup a time to jump on a call. msg me @Cryptina#0001 on discord

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