Where is my private key

I had the previous version of Chrome extension, not the wallet. I click on it to get to the staking.harmony.one dashboard. It has only the address that I can copy. No menu. No nothing.

How can I find the private key to be exported to MetaMask?



You can import your wallet to Math wallet by seed/mnemonic phrase then you can get your private key from there.

Math Wallet, The Multichain Wallet for Web3

Hi Peace Love Harmony,

I love your name. Can I somehow import it into the deprecated Harmony Chrome extension Wallet instead?

Since there is such a clear video instruction on how to import into MetaMask.

Thank you,


In Math Wallet, I switched network to Etherium. I imported via menmonic phrase. Then use the private key to import into MetaMask. I get a new account with 0 ONE.

What did I do wrong? Thanks. Donald

I found out the the Harmony Network was hidden. After revive it, I can switch to Harmony network.

Repeat the process of exporting via Mnemonics, export private key, import into MetaMask, still not getting the correct address in staking.harmony.one.

Please advise. Thanks. Donald

Thank you! That’s interesting. Metamask does give you an 0x address that’s an equivalent to your ONE address but when you sign into staking.harmony.one it should show your ONE address. Did you try signing into staking.harmony.one with your Math wallet to see if you imported the right account?

Hi Rob,

Interesting. Haven’t touched since my last email. Now tried both Math Wallet and MetaMask. And both can login staking.harmony.one now. Interesting.

Thank you for your help.


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You’re very welcome. Happy to help Donald :blue_heart:

Hello everybody,

I have a similar case, I imported my 1 wallet to my MetaMask, I had to re-installed Meta Mask and lost access to my Harmony Staking account.

I added all the networks of Harmony, mainnet, Shard 0, Shard 1, Devnet and tried to decrypt it with a Meta Mask tool but unsuccesful.

Also, used the Seed Phrase that I had from my One Wallet with the Meta Mask recovery but is not the same account.

Any help will be very much appreciated.

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You can use your seed phrase when you first setup your metamask but not to add an account to metamask.

You can use frontier wallet, import your seed phrase to frontier and it’ll give you access to your ONE, staked ONE as well

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Yes, I used the Seep Phrase of my Meta Mask but still does not show my Harmony account.

I’ll give it a try with the Frontier wallet.

Thank you for your response, very much appreciated.

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You’re very welcome :blue_heart:

Hi there, I’ve followed you on Youtube and watched your video regarding math wallet and harmony one tokens. Unfortunately, my ledger is broken and although I can still access my harmony one on harmony mainnet, I cant withdraw my funds without my ledger device. Other than that, I am given the option to download the harmony browser extension but I see that is no longer available.
I’ve tried setting up a new metamask wallet and imported my ledger seed phrase but this isn’t allowing me to connect to harmony one mainnet and my tokens.
I saw above that you mentioned frontier wallet - that only allows for a 12 word seed phrase and I have 24 words. Also, math wallet isn’t listing harmony in their network options. the list is much shorter than what is in your Youtube video. It’s been a year since I accessed my harmony one and a long time since you published your video, but I’m hoping you can offer some help.
I’d rather not have to replace my ledger. I’ve been able to access all my other coins using new wallets and the ledger seed phrase. Harmony one is the only one causing problems.
Thank you very much in advance for any help that you can offer.
Regards, Katrina :slight_smile:

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Hi @KKahler, it’s not recommended to put your ledger seed phrase into any extension or hot wallets. Usually the issue with a ledger nano is just needing a new cable. I understand you don’t want to use a hardware wallet anymore though. Since you already put your seed phrase into metamask, you can add the Harmony network to metamask. Then it depends on if your ONE is staked or not to access them. If they’re staked you need to go to Harmony – Open Consensus for 10B and sign in with existing address, pick the metamask option. Then you can go to your portfolio add claim rewards, delegate, undelegate or transfer your ONE.