How to recover coins from the Deprecated Harmony Extension

Hey team,

Could you please help me to recover my coins. I haven’t entered Harmony One Chrome Extension for a while and now I found out that it was deprecated. My coins were staking on. Harmony – Open Consensus for 10B but I don’t know how to access them as there is no Web extension anymore (it was the only way i accessed the coins).

Could you please help me to access them?


grab your keys and export it to a different platform like MetaMask or a different wallet

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I have only a login and password to the extension, so don’t have keys.

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I managed to restore my coins with Math Wallet. Thank you, Dayzinn for your help!


Hey, if you have the mnemonic, you can use frontier wallet. If you have the private key, you can import them to metamask.

Please ignore anyone trying to help you over DM by clicking on links and all …

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