Writing vs Calls

Writing is better as we scale:

  • You can write once, and share it with 1 person, 10 people, or actually 10 billion people.

  • Writing forces more precise communication - good writing tells the reader exactly what needs to happen, by who, by when.

  • Calls are ephemeral - the information is easy to forget or get lost in our imperfect memories.

  • Calls force decisions to be made either on the call or delayed until everyone goes back and writes it down. Neither are optimal. Writing means you can look at a specific idea or proposal and make a decision.

  • Feedback in writing is precise - you can read and reflect on every word. Feedback on a call is the reaction in the moment. I won’t make any financial decisions on a call. It needs to be in writing with specific numbers and metrics.

  • (Especially unplanned) calls disrupt schedules in case the person is working on another flow or has another meeting upcoming to plan for.

  • (Last resort) Let’s write all the important points first, and then have a call.


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Note taken , keeping this in mind :writing_hand: