Xenon Finance Launch Grant

Hey Sbae:

Xenon is operational. I’m sorry that our features are currently basic, as was stressed many times before launch. We are working on bringing more features to Xenon such as farming rewards and staking XEN for protocol fees.

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Drawn. Thank you for your help. Excellent team. Looking forward to the future. Talented team behind the call and an excellent road plan


This project also has aged extremely well…

Maybe time for some post mortem @ those gave grants?

it’s not
there is still no incentive yet so barely anyone use it lol

yeah, therefore an post mortem on those who funded this team @HarmonyUniverse might help a lot.

Why are there so little lessons learned?

Currently the grant system feels like an incubator that is still figuring out what kind of incubation programmes they’re running and have little expertise to help along the way

What is the update for this project and it’s grant? As someone mentioned above, there is already a crowded market for this type of project, with more on the way (The Granary). I’d like to see more project diversity moving forward, and to have a more public facing progress report moving through the grant process.

We have not rugged and we have not received any grant money yet. We have decided not to accept the grant for internal reasons. We still have a working version of our project live on our website.

Thank you for the explainer. Any plans to further the development in the coming time?

Yes we are still currently developing new features

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Like? would be so so refreshing to have protocols/dapps communicate what theyre working on here instead of putting out more vague blabla.

Looks like the dapp is working less amazing than expected, what are your working on exactly? You do not even have 1K in liquidity…

not even trying to find out what happened with initial liquidity and funds pushed into this as we have a shitty explorer… but yeah…


Just a heads up, xenon rugged
Im dissapointed, but not surprised, i really liked the idea of an impermax/tarot fork in h1

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Hope the community doesn’t mind, but I did a little digging. Not finished with the Tornado Cash fun per se, but I have a strong lead.
Tornado Cash can be tracked and I’m waiting to see those sweet stolen funds go through a CEX. Then I’ll file the report.


I hope this ruggers get brought to justice

bad karma on them

Hi everyone, I regret to inform you that Xenon Finance, a project that I used to be a part of, recently rugged. It feels awful that some users of legitimate projects that I am a part of may have bought into Xenon because I was on the team. I’m making this post to clear up my involvement with the project; where it started and where it ended.

I first helped mks#0001 (the original founder and main backed dev of Xenon) back in Feburary of this year to set up the Xenon discord server and I also helped with marketing Xenon Finance, this included AMAs and collaborations with other projects. In addition to this I also wrote our harmony grant and medium articles about how to use Xenon, our roadmap, and bi-weekly updates about development.

I was payed a salary of 200 USDC a week and the equivalent amount in XEN tokens. One time I was payed 800 USDC and $800 in XEN tokens as by that point I had been working for free for Xenon for 4-5 weeks. (Xenon didn’t have any funding besides Artemis token sale, thus I wasn’t payed until that sale had completed).

My involvement in Xenon Finance officially ended on 08/05/22 but my last payment was on the 12th as I had a couple things that I was still doing right up until the 12th. I had no involvement whatsoever with anything Xenon Finance past the 12th of May. I also had no involvement in Gluestick#9983 being chosen as my successor in the CM/Marketing position. Gluestick was the malicious actor who rugged Xenon and if anyone has any information about them, please dm me. That isn’t to say mks is completely guilt free as he was the one who picked Gluestick and payed him 2000 USDC per week (see multisig txs below). Plus, mks only left the project 3 days ago…

Again, I’m very sorry that this has happened.

I sent my ID documents to Harmony for the Xenon Finance grant back in April, and mks told me back then that he had done the same. I would encourage Harmony to atleast try and contact him if they have his details. If anyone has any questions feel free to dm me here or on discord: Yosep#4126

The Xenon multisig address is here: 0x1e49D42af9468556300F39E479F19aa8275A1634
And my personal address is: 0x541A9FFe0a907767c5e889C54ecb0ea350651688


Should have sold this shit when I asked a question about the IDO that got me banned.

You asked a q on the IDO and got banned? What was the q?

Hey there,

I spent quite awhile yesterday doing the blockchain research on this. As you can see, there are still funds that have not been moved (8k USDC), however the money that was bridged and tornado cash’d I believe that I have it tracked.

If you have any more info on mks or gluestick it would help in the event that I report to IC3 and the CEX that is used to offramp into fiat. Feel free to DM in discord or Twitter, or send message here.

Discord: Pioneer Emory#9504
Twitter: @HarmonyVillains



I have contacted FixedFloat, which is where some of the funds were sent, in order to hopefully have their fiat offramp account frozen.


It seems doxxing to Harmony team does not mean Harmony One will take actions.

Recently, I posted a suggestion to Harmony team to explicitly make certain discloses about the KYC. Please see here Project KYC with Harmony for funding proposal/application

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OOOPS. 10/10 RUG SCORE… patiently waiting to have the censors remove my posts again…

if anons on the interwebs know this so early, why do core team members keep ***ing things up?