Shill till we repeg.

Every recovery process is trying to find the right balance between paying now or paying later. Smart people doing smart things. Keep it up.

I can’t speak to the tokenomics other than knowing if Harmony was worth $1 this recovery would be a ton easier.

All I’m saying is if two meme coins can shill themselves into the top 12 by MCAP so can Harmony.

Whatever the recovery plan, in addition I recommend we put aside some money to really push Harmony out to the general public.

I recommend we call on our community to really shill Harmony.

If everyone gets one person to buy Harmony, we double our community and increase our TVL.

Harmony will shoot to $1 and make millionaires. That is the story.

We need to get that story out in sync with whatever recovery plan we implement.

I just want my 600k ONE locked up in AAVE back. I don’t plan to leave Harmony, just want my ONE.