Address Market – cross-chain NFT service for smart contract deployment on fixed addresses

Hi guys.

Today is the day of Address Market launch. The project won two sponsor prizes at ETHBarcelona last year, and now it comes with new UI and features.

First, it is cross-chain. The main chain is Polygon and the secondary chains are Harmony and Gnosis. There are plans to expand further.

Second, it is in beta now. So sorry for the not very smooth UX and UI, you can always tell me problems in private.

Ok, what’s up here:

In fact the project provides several NFT collections, where each NFT gives the ability to deploy any smart contract to a specific address, defined by the contract.

And deploy is guaranteed to every chain Address Market is on. To a specific address!

For now, only TransparentUpgradeableProxy and raw bytecodes are supported, but the plan is to expand the cases through each ecosystem products and standard things like tokens and account abstractions.

To say more, users can use their computing resources to find “salt” – byte data for minting NFTs for addresses they want. Beautiful or specific ones, for example with leading zeros.

The salt mining script isn’t public yet, but I’ll publish it in a few days, it needs some improvements.

The only tradeable and transferable collection is on Polygon. After the user has used NFT for deploy, the NFT becomes “bound” – it goes to another “bound” collection and becomes non-transferable.

Bound NFTs can be minted on other chains with help of LayerZero, this now takes around 20 minutes. NFTs on Harmony and Gnosis are also bound, so it is guaranteed that only one person can deploy their smart contract at a given address on any chain!

Also you don’t need to deploy on Polygon to make NFT bound – you can just “Bind” it and deploy on Polygon later if you need to. So it is easy to deploy “Harmony first” – just bind and clone NFT from Polygon

And as some of you know, we (several ex-MarsColony guys) are building an NFT marketplace for Harmony. So the first production use case of Address Market on Harmony will be very soon :slight_smile:

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This is how a deployment looks like:

NFT minting with commit-reveal scheme (two transactions, anti-MEV):

The long number is “salt” found by the script

Here I cloned NFT to Harmony:

Sorry for many messages, technically I could post 1 per message :slight_smile:

Kinda roadmap:

  • more product integrations on each chain (for example Safe AA deployment on-the-go)
  • more chains
  • better UX and UI
  • auto contract verifying
  • real-world use cases

What do you think?