Ahimsa Ecosystem DAO | Ukrainian Pilot

Ahimsa Ecosystem DAO | Ukrainian Pilot

Proposal overview

We are the Ahimsa team and we believe that cooperation based on common goals, ideals, and efforts is the only way to solve the challenges that humanity is now facing. Therefore, we’re creating an Ahimsa Ecosystem – a comprehensive platform of tools and services that provide new opportunities for people and communities to cooperate with each other.

The long-term goal of the Ahimsa Ecosystem is to connect people and communities in more than 150 countries. However, we are taking one step at a time and currently are getting ready to launch a pilot version of the Ahimsa DAO in Ukraine as the first country.

On 24 February 2022, Russia began a military invasion of Ukraine, in a major escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict that had begun in 2014. The war has already brought major destruction of Ukraine’s main cities, infrastructure, and industrial sites which will require enormous funds and an effective reconstruction plan once the war is over.

The war in Ukraine has shown us that people with absolutely different backgrounds, nationalities, and beliefs can cooperate to fight the aggressor and establish peace. However, to make their actions and decision-making successful, they need proper tools and effective methodologies. That’s why we chose Ukraine as the first country to launch a regional pilot of the Ahimsa DAO.

Our team, most members of which are Ukrainians, is set to help their motherland in the rebuilding. Ukrainian Ahimsa DAO has two ideological goals:

  1. During the war — create all the necessary conditions for the cooperation of territorial and other communities;
  2. After the war — enable effective fund management in territorial communities for the restoration of Ukraine.

The name of our ecosystem is tightly related to the ideology we follow. Ahimsa, which means ‘nonviolence’ in Sanskrit, is a multidimensional concept, inspired by the premise that all living beings have the spark of the divine spiritual energy. It started in demilitarized Tibet and later spread to the whole world.

Why DAO?

Internet technologies have opened plenty of new opportunities for people. A large number of platforms for communication have been developed which is undoubtedly a big step forward for interpersonal relationships. Social networks and forums give us the opportunity to gather in groups of various interests.

But do all these services really provide tools for effective decision-making and self-organization?

The current service platforms allow participants to gather in crowds rather than in organized communities. The reason for that is simple — the crowds don’t possess social capital and therefore can be easily manipulated.

Not so long ago, we have all witnessed the pump and dump play of the GME stocks that made huge financial funds lose a lot of money. How did a simple group of people on Reddit manage to do something so huge? The power lies in the collective effort aligned with the common goal — making profits and reaching justice. However, the ones who actually managed to earn were only the leaders who brought the community together, and everyone who joined later was losing their money. This illustrates that the collective mind can be easily fooled.

Therefore, self-organization and decision-making among people require a drastically new approach to be effective. One of the ways is applying the Schulze method which states that decisions should not be made by a simple majority, instead the best option is chosen by using votes that express preferences.

Another issue is filtering information that you can actually trust. From the huge flow of information, the reliability of which is in question, it is difficult to obtain knowledge that would be really useful. In the absence of trust, effective group interaction is impossible, which is necessary to solve the global problems facing humanity.

The Ahimsa Ecosystem intends to solve these issues by developing tools for cooperation and interaction of people to solve common problems collectively.

This photo shows part of the initiative group of the creators of the Ahimsa Ecosystem.

Decision-making principles

In-game theory, there is a game called “5 Pirates”. It mathematically proves that, if a society is built on distrust and decisions are made by the majority, then it is enough for those at the top of the pyramid to allocate down only 2% of the total profit, at the same time, keeping the 98%. This is exactly what happens in the real world.

It is also proved mathematically — the unqualified majority is always wrong. No wonder the pope is chosen by ¾ of the votes of the conclave, and not by a simple majority.

Ahimsa DAO wants to redefine and upgrade the world system and has come up with two main principles:

  1. Create trust on a platform between participants which in turn will eliminate fraud;
  2. Decisions should not be made by a simple majority — the Schulze method.

Ahimsa DAO consensus mechanism takes its roots from the ancient self-government rules system of Kievan Rus’ called “Kopnoe law”. According to this system, all decisions were taken by “Kopa” — a gathering of several families — and were based on the principle of unanimity.

We have modernized this ancient system keeping its advantages. Ahimsa DAO will have around 12 departments with specialists elected according to “Kopnoe rule” that will make the main decisions.

Why is Ahimsa DAO not fully decentralized? Our practical experience and assessment of professionals proved that full decentralization is simply impossible because the entropy inside the ecosystem starts destroying it. Therefore, in our DAO decentralization is realized partially. Participants form groups that are free to decide for themselves how to make decisions inside the group. However, there is also a central core that is elected by all groups. Without it, the system falls apart.

An important thing to mention is also that unprepared people can not solve complicated issues so they need to be educated. That’s why Ahimsa DAO also provides a methodology for the training of the elected specialists to help them achieve group decisions.

Ahimsa Ecosystem

Ahimsa is a holistic Ecosystem that allows people and communities to cooperate with each other.

We inspire the conditions for the development of prosperity and harmony with the outside world on the basis of universal human values. Every member of the community achieves their goal, and altogether the community achieves the common one.

Our ecosystem creates conditions and mechanisms for secure communications and trust. This significantly speeds up economic processes and leads to a reduction in costs. At the same time, all tools and services are developed taking into account the possibility of applying sanctions to those who abuse trust in order to deceive and receive illegal income.

The Ecosystem consists of 4 main products:

  1. Ahimsa Space (social network)
  2. Ahimsa Market
  3. Ahimsa p2p Exchange
  4. TG Launchpad

All products of the Ecosystem are already functioning or have an MVP and we intend to gradually integrate the Harmony blockchain into all of them. However, in the first turn, we choose to start integrating Harmony in the Ahimsa Ecosystem DAO. The DAO ecosystem will help to build the community and connections between its participants that will later serve as the basis for the development of other Ahimsa products.

Next, we will analyze in detail the main points of the Ahimsa Ecosystem concept and describe its primary tools.

Ahimsa Space


Ahimsa Space is a unique tool for bringing people together and facilitating forming of groups of different types and kinds that achieve common goals. Members of the Ahimsa Ecosystem can unite based on interests, professional needs, region, etc. to solve specific problems.

The groups allow participants to organize and streamline not only social communications but also financials. The bonus program constructor and the group’s joint accounts system enable setting up financial flow management to eliminate the risk of misuse of common funds.

On the technical level, the transfers are managed by smart contracts that receive the incoming information about the group’s decision through the oracle. Smart contracts ensure the safety of funds and the trustworthiness of the whole system.

The DAO platform will allow participants to choose the type of activities according to their needs and initiatives such as volunteering, receiving assistance, providing assistance, participating in the territorial communities, etc.

In the group, it will be possible to make decisions on physical actions or management of funds in both cryptocurrency and hryvnia. Cryptocurrency transfers will be carried out by smart contracts.

Launchpad TG DAO 3.0

Launchpad TG DAO 3.0 is the launchpad and startup Incubator of the Ahimsa Ecosystem, governed as a DAO. Launchpad TG DAO 3.0 enables project initiators to receive financing, consulting support, and a sales market. Launchpad TG DAO 3.0 aims to assist newly emerging DAO projects with funding and development and solve the issues that come up when investing in crypto startups.

Thanks to TG DAO 3.0, investors gain access to startups verified by TG DAO 3.0 experts and, using the collective intelligence of a group of investors, make an informed decision on investing their funds.

TG DAO 3.0 offers startups an incubation program and enables access to the DeFi market. It includes not only fundraising but also networking, marketing support, mentorship, and long-term assistance to make sure projects on the platform succeed.

Startups launched through TG DAO 3.0 are selected from the needs of Ahimsa Ecosystem participants and play the role of a driver for its development. We have already held several successful IDOs on Launchpad TG DAO 3.0 in the past.

TG Launchpad DAO has already achieved:

  • 100,000 Community
  • $2,000,000 Current Funding:
  • TGDAO is listed on PancakeSwap and CoinMarketCap
  • 6 IDOs Launched

Ahimsa p2p Exchange

Ahimsa p2p Exchange is a crypto exchange that allows Ahimsa Ecosystem participants to easily trade their assets — all transactions take place directly between buyers and sellers without the need for third-party interventions. The assets available for exchange are tokens and external cryptocurrencies, as well as derivative financial instruments of the ecosystem.

Ahimsa Ecosystem is a bridge between the virtual Internet world and the real physical world. The digitalization of intellectual and physical assets takes place in the ecosystem, while the p2p exchange helps to enable the direct swap of digitized assets and digital currencies, removing the intermediaries.

Ahimsa Market

Ahimsa Market is an economic center for connecting the interests of ecosystem participants: buyers and sellers.

Its main task is to remove the chains of intermediaries between buyers and sellers and provide ecosystem participants with simple, transparent, and profitable interaction procedures. The remuneration of the marketplace team is provided from the commission deducted by the sellers of goods and services. Naturally, with an increase in the turnover of the marketplace, the size of the commission will decrease significantly.

Reliable reviews, seller ratings, ratings of goods and services on the Ahimsa Market cannot be faked, since they are recorded on the blockchain. This enables consumers to make an informed choice.

The previous version of the Ahimsa Market was called TG Market and can be found here. The new rebranded Ahimsa Market website is now in development.

Last year, we successfully launched a pilot project on the Ahimsa Market — “Danilovka”.

“Danilovka” project on Ahimsa Market

The goal of “Danilovka” was to launch a local farm business in the Mykolaiv region in Ukraine.

To buy good-quality dairy products at affordable prices, citizens need to enter into partnerships with the local producers. However, there is a problem of complete distrust in the system. At the same time, the farm villagers require capital to buy equipment to start processing the milk into finished products, and, later, to maintain the farms.

The capital can be supplied by previously mentioned citizens who wish to become future buyers. The issue of distrust in funds distribution can be solved by using blockchain and smart contracts to make all money transactions transparent. Ahimsa Ecosystem provides convenient tools and services to connect groups of people for win-win interaction. All operations are powered by GNR — ecosystem token.

These two groups become members of a common cooperative ecosystem and jointly launch a targeted program for the local production of dairy products. A group of citizens pays for the equipment necessary for production (and will later receive additional profit on their contributions). When the production is set, citizens can order dairy on the marketplace and the cooperative’s car will deliver them the products, thus, removing any intermediaries from the supply chain.

Why Harmony DAO?

We are impressed with the philosophy, vision, and support of the Harmony team and community and we want to be a part of this family. With the help of the Harmony community, we want to complete the development of the DAO Ecosystem, mainly:

  • technical realization of the voting mechanisms and money transfers with the help of the Harmony blockchain;
  • development of smart contacts;
  • launch of the social network as the ecosystem platform and acquisitions of 100000 active users.


Decentralization — blockchain-based transparent voting & decentralized financial flow management.
Growth — active engagement of new participants & growth of local economies.
Methodologies — effective decision-making & settlement procedures enabled by smart contracts.


Based on the mandates of the Ahimsa ecosystem DAO project, we have defined the following milestones:

May 2022

  • Launch of the Generium and Stabilum tokens on the Harmony blockchain;
  • Transfer of internal wallets of Ahimsa Ecosystem users to the Harmony blockchain;
  • Implementation of the voting system based on the Harmony blockchain;
  • Creation of “VoteScan” — a system for votes and voting results monitoring;
  • Publishing of the Ahimsa Ecosystem Whitepaper.

June 2022

  • Replenishment of group wallets with fiat funds and cryptocurrencies;
  • Creation of smart contracts on the Harmony blockchain to ensure operations of group accounts;
  • System for storage, approval, and management of documents to ensure the necessary legal procedures;
  • Development of methodological materials (voting policies, election policies, group fund distribution policies);
  • Election of the first governing body of the Ecosystem.

July 2022

  • As part of a pilot project in Ukraine, the launch of project groups such as energy efficiency, food security, and regional development;
  • Launch of Ahimsa Space;
  • MVP release of Ahimsa Marketplace;
  • International conference in Kyiv dedicated to the launch of the Ahimsa Ecosystem.


We have defined the 3 key metrics that the Ahimsa DAO will use to measure the fulfillment of its mandates:

  • 1000 users with completed profiles with wallets on the Harmony blockchain;
  • 100 voting cycles on various issues in groups;
  • $50,000 in group wallets for the implementation of target programs.

Proposal ask

To implement the idea of the project described above we are applying for a $75,000 grant.

The funding will be spent on the formation of the DAO governance, organization of processes, and technical implementation of the DAO mechanisms in the social network.

Ahimsa DAO governors will be elected for 3 months. The next members of the government will be selected by voting on August 1, 2022.

Ahimsa DAO is building a global ecosystem and planning to integrate Harmony into all its products (Launchpad, Marketplace, Social Networks). For each of these integrations, a separate grant will be submitted.


To form the DAO governance we will choose and onboard 8 governors, everyone on the founding governance team has a development role in different areas of the project, each having a specific task and objective for the deliverables.

The next members of the government will be selected by voting on August 1, 2022.

Eugene Melnyk, CEO
Serial Entrepreneur, Strategist, Investor. Co-founder ROMAD Holding Ltd., Founder of Telematics LLC.

Andrew Goncharenko, CTO
17 years of IT experience, of which 9 were in the position of CTO. 6 years of experience with cryptocurrency. Extensive experience in implementing high-volume IT projects from the ground up.

Oleksandr Krzhechevsky, CPO
Over 20 years of experience in trading and brokerage on financial markets. More than 20 years of experience in creating and developing Internet projects. Expert in corporate law.

Taras Rudenko, Senior DevOps Engineer
Engineer with more than 23 years of general experience.

Andrii Ovcharenko, Relations with partners
Crypto entrepreneur, a private investor. Over 20 years of IT experience, 6 years of experience with cryptocurrency, start-up help more than 30 crypto projects.

Pavlyshyn Maksym, Business Analyst
Over 5 years of experience in analyst and IT spheres. More than 3 years of experience in crypto.
Worked on creating the innovative crypto-trading platform, launchpad, etc.

Serhii Voznyi, Strategist
General, a participant in hostilities, a civil servant of the 3rd rank.
Huge experience in developing and implementing strategy development, management, and control of processes in complex systems of the security and defense sector.

External links

White paper Launchpad TG DAO 3.0.


Dear Harmony Community!
We at Ahimsa Ecosystem are excited about the opportunity to collaborate!
I am sure that the Harmony community will benefit from our DAO developments, and we will benefit from the Harmony creative community and the Harmony blockchain with all its advantages.

Oleksandr Krzhechevsky,
Chief Product Officer

Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and will assign a representative on behalf of the Grants Ops team.

We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.


Great, thanks @essalacher .
Feel free if you need more information from us.

Hello, @Hero and the Ahimsa Ecosystem!

This proposal is under review. I would also like to provide a brief update from Harmony

All approvals and proposals for DAO Bootstrap Funding are still paused. This is a temporary measure. Please do not let this dissuade you and your team from building. Stay tuned for another update regarding DAO Bootstrap Funding :soon:

note: this comment is not an approval of this proposal.

Hi. @frwrdslosh Thanks for the feedback.
It’s a tough time for all of us.

We’ll keep you updated in this thread.

Hello, @Hero

The Harmony DAO Ops team has decided to decline this proposal without prejudice. Please visit our Q3 and Q4 Execution Plan for more information.

I apologize that this process has been lengthy and drawn-out and I appreciate yours and the DAOs patience. Harmony and the DAO Ops team wanted to exhaust every option before responding with a declination.

Do not let this dissuade you or your DAOs passion to build on Harmony. I’m looking forward to your success.

This thread will be closed.

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