AmaraLend Beta on Harmony Testnet Campaign

Hi Comms!

I am Emily from Amara Finance.
Amara is here to share a good news that one of our core products–The AmaraLend Beta version is stably deployed on the Harmony testnet.
Amara community has approved the proposal of preparing a reward pool of 500,000 MARA for AmaraLend Testnet Campaign on Harmony.Please check here for more details.

About Amara Finance
Amara Finance is a multi-chain deployed DeFi2.0 protocol.
Core products include: AmaraLend, a LP liquidity lending protocol; AmaraLink, a multisig cross-chain bridge based on Chainsafe; and AmaraPay, a global gateway payment protocol.

Products and the update
AmaraLend - Users can gain more by staking LP and autocompounding, which will also increase asset utilisation of DEX and users’ benefits. To date, AmaraLend has accomplished the deployment of AmaraLend testnet on Moonriver, BSC and Harmony.
AmaraLink - It can achieve asset transfer between Moonriver, Moonbeam and BSC for certain assets. It has finished the internal test and will be launched soon.
Amara Stake - Launched last month, allowing users to gain more MARA by staking MARA on Amara’s website.

AmaraLink received Polygon’s grant and was awarded Moonbeam’s prize in 2021.
150k+ supporters in total on Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Medium, etc.
MARA has been listed on MEXC and is included by CMC and CG.
The amount of staked MARA in the pool of Amara Stake is 15 million.

**Come and join the AmaraLend testnet campaign on harmon!

Information you may need:
Bug report:Google Forms: Sign-in
AmaraLend user guide:User Guide:AmaraLend on Harmony Testnet - Amara Finance - Medium