How to Stake on OSTN

How to setup Harmony Chrome extension and importing wallet into the staking explorer: :wink:

How to stake ONE on Harmony test-net

[this article is originally posted on Meium by @madoza316]

If you have landed on this article, then probably you have already heard about Harmony (ONE) and maybe even traded it on any exchange. Skipping the part of what exactly Harmony is and what awesomeness it is bringing to the crypto industry (we will come to that later), lets first have a look at the purpose of this article and that is HOW TO STAKE ON HARMONY TEST-NET .

Harmony uses a Proof-Of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism which is based on multiple shard chains and a beacon chain. This system is run by a number of validators who perform various tasks on the blockchain. They, in turn get rewarded with ONE tokens for these tasks. The process may sound complicated and involves multiple steps which are not essential to understand in order to use this guide. All you need to know is that if you delegate your tokens with an active validator, you will be eligible to get a percentage of rewards earned by that validator. In this way you earn a share of rewards based on amount of tokens you stake and you do not need to purchase any hardware or do any technical geeky work for node maintenance etc.

Before we start, bear in mind that at the time of writing this guide, the staking mechanism is still on TEST-NET which means you do not need any REAL Harmony (ONE) tokens. So please DO NOT attempt to stake any real tokens bought from exchanges like Binance, otherwise you risk losing your coins. The purpose of this article is to walk you through the current process on the TEST-NET so that you understand the steps and are prepared to stake your real ONE tokens when staking goes live on main-net.

The steps are listed below followed by individual explanation and images for each step.

Step 1: Install Chrome extension

Step 2: Create a new Harmony wallet

Step 3: Get some test-net tokens from Official Harmony Faucet

Step 4: Delegate tokens to your desired validator

Let’s look at each step in detail.

Step 1: Install the Harmony wallet chrome extension

a) Download the current version 0.0.10 of Chrome extension by clicking

Note: For a link of latest version , please visit

b) Unzip the file

c) Type chrome://extensions on Google Chrome web browser.

d) Enable “Developer mode” located in the top right corner

e) Click on Load unpacked button.

f) Select the folder named build in the main folder

Note: If you select the main folder with version number, for example 0.0.10 in this case, you might see an error message pop-up

One its done, you will see the Harmony Extension enabled as well as a small H (Harmony) icon on the top right corner.

Step 2: Create a new Harmony wallet

Click on the HARMONY H icon on top right and select create a new address.

Choose a name and password for your account and copy the seed phrase somewhere safe as a backup. This is VERY IMPORTANT. Even if this wallet will hold test-net tokens for now, it is good to always practice safe habits. If you have been in crypto for some time, you must know that whoever has these keys has access to the wallet and its funds. Click on Create Address.

After you have created an address, you can now click on go to Harmony

This will take you to the page shown below where you can press the button Use Account.

At this point you can click on the wallet address. This click will copy the address for you.

Step 3: Get some test-net tokens from Official Harmony Faucet

Now go to the official Harmony test net faucet . Enter your ONE address that you just copied, check the checkbox, and click Fund. Now you will receive some (11,000) ONE test-net tokens to this address. Remember that these are just test net tokens and cannot be transferred or sold on any exchange and DO NOT SEND YOUR REAL ONE TOKENS TO THIS ADDRESS YET .

Step 4: Delegate tokens to your desired validator

After you click on the use account button, it will take you to the following screen.

Now you can search for the validator with whom you want to delegate your tokens, in this example i am using my name. Search Madoza and click on the validator. This will open the following page:

Click on delegate button and enter the desired number of tokens you would like to delegate and click next. Consider leaving a little bit left over to cover the network fees.

Click next. The click Confirm and Sign the transaction.

Input your password and click Approve

You will see the following message on the screen.

That’s it! Congratulations you have successfully delegated your test-net tokens with a validator. Now you will also be able to see your wallet address in the list of delegators.

Harmony main net is planned to be released soon and the delegation process will be very similar. Stay tuned for updates!

How to delegate your Test-Net tokens using Math Wallet

This section shows how to delegate your tokens using Math Wallet. Math Wallet is a browser extension and a mobile wallet for holding and transacting cryptocurrency. The steps to delegate ONE tokens using this wallet are as follows:

Step 1: Install Math Wallet

Visit the website Here you will see 4 ways you can use this wallet, as a mobile APP, as a browser EXTENSION, as WEB WALLET or connect it to a HARDWARE wallet.

Click on Extension and select your browser. I am using the Chrome browser for this guide.

Click on Add to Chrome. You will see a file being downloaded and then a small black and white M icon appear on the top right of your browser.

Choose a password and create your wallet. Then click on switch network and select Harmony.

Now you will see a message “No wallet, please create or import wallet”. Click on Create Wallet. Enter any name for your new wallet and click Confirm, copy and backup the private keys and click Completed.

Now you will be able to see your newly created Harmony wallet in Math Wallet extension.

Step 2: Sign in and delegate tokens

Click on to visit Harmony Openstakingnet. You will see a Sign In option in the left menu. Click on Sign in, use an existing address, and then select Math Wallet.

Sign in to your Math Wallet browser extension. You will see a Login Request pop up. Select your wallet and click Accept.

You will be brought back to the homepage of Harmony validators. Now you will be able to see your address on the top left corner under the Harmony logo which means you are now signed in with your wallet.

Search for your favorite validator. In this case I searched for Madoza . Choose your preferred validator and click on Delegate button. Enter the desired number of tokens you would like to delegate and click next. Consider leaving a little bit left over to cover the network fees.

If you don’t have any TEST-NET tokens, then follow the guide in to receive your test-net tokens.

That’s it! Congratulations you have successfully delegated your test-net tokens with a validator. Now you will also be able to see your wallet address in the list of delegates.

Stay tuned for updates!
Meanwhile check out the following links about Harmony and community resources.


Official telegram:

Official twitter:

Official Medium:

My personal Delegator website:

Disclaimer : The information shared is not to be taken as an investment advice, financial advice, or a trading advice. Please conduct your due diligence before making any investment decisions. I have personally invested in ONE but not related to the team in any way at all.

The link to Binance takes you to the homepage of Binance with my referral link.

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NOTE: make sure that you only transfer funds to shard 0.

I am not familiar with this, why am I supposed to use only shard 1?

I believe testnet is only on shard 0.

just installed the extension and tested to withdraw rewards which seems to have worked fine.

would be great though to see the transaction on the staking dashboard somewhere

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New wallet, chrome extension, faucet funding, delegation to validator video added on Vimeo. :wink:

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you can check

this is what i found
4.2 Beacon Chain

The Harmony beacon chain is a special blockchain that serves additional purposes compared to the shard chains. In effect, the beacon chain is also a shard. Besides processing transactions, like other shard chains do, the beacon chain is in charge of two additional key functionalities: generating the random number (discussed in §3.1) and accepting stakes, which means that the beacon chain is the chain where stakers deposit their tokens to become validators.

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How to use Harmony Staking Dashboard using an ANKR address

Hi all below are the way how to do that, in simple word, we just have to download the Keystore file, import them to our cli with hmy environment or import it to a mathwallet, if you have import them now export the address into a Private Key or mnemonic, after that you’ll can use ‘the exported’ thing to use in your dashboard whatever way you want to use (chrome extension / browser on MathWallet Dapp), lets get done the first step, dowloading the Keystore;

Keystore Download
If you have registered on ANKR, receives funds, run the node, but can’t be elected, so may want to delegate your token to other elected Validator, for that need, first you need to do undelegation of your ANKR token in the dashboard, so head on to

and then follow the picture below about how to download it,

Projects > choose your node > Backup Account > Download Harmony Wallet Keystore


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Import the Keystore & Export the Private Key
#Through CLI

  1. Rename your just downloaded Keystore file on you explorer ex. ANKR_Sage.key
  2. Upload it to your vps;
    There’s many way to upload file into your vps below i gave you sintax for vps that didn’t need a .pem keypair to login like Contabo and also for those who need .pem keypair to log like AWS

~Upload to root@Contabo.
scp ANKR_Sage.key root@vps_ip_address:/root/.hmy_cli/account-keys

~Upload to user@Contabo.
scp ANKR_Sage.key your_user@vps_ip_address:/home/your_user/.hmy_cli/account-keys

~Upload to ubuntu AWS.
scp -i your-keypair-file.pem ANKR_Sage.key ubuntu@ec2-ur-aws-ip-addr:/home/ubuntu/.hmy_cli/account-keys

~Upload to Linux2 AWS.
scp -i your-keypair-file.pem ANKR_Sage.key ec2-user@ec2-ur-aws-ip-addr:/home/ec2-user/.hmy_cli/account-keys

*in AWS if you choose ubuntu as your instance so your default user will be ubuntu, and for linux 2 rhe default is ec2-user
**what sintax to used? it’s depends on where you deploy your hmy, if autonode so it’s must be a user, so use sintax (command) for upload to a user, but for manual node (binaries), example in contabo the default is root
***you also can use winscp connected to your server and just drag the Keystore file to your home directory in your server, and then move it to /.hmy_cli/account-keys directory;
$ sudo mv yours.key ~/.hmy_cli/account-keys/

  1. After uploading proses now we can import the address to our CLI using Keystore, and export it to a Private Key for further used;

~Import Wallet to CLI
./hmy keys import-ks ~/.hmy_cli/account-keys/Ankr* --passphrase
we got; one16strwjcs0txepz2hff56n4qp8uaetw76zu6xqk

~Export address we just imported to a Private Key
./hmy keys export-private-key one16strwjcs0txepz2hff56n4qp8uaetw76zu6xqk --passphrase
we got; 2788ab50127c29de98924f334c30fe620ad15cb138a432738065b7c9cfba

i censored it a little with a star (’’), but the stars don’t appear so it’s hide between numbers


#Through MathWallet App.

  1. Firstly download the MathWallet App. either from PlayStore or AppStore
  2. Open your just downloading Keystore with any text editor (recommend. notepad ++), for copy paste it later in step 4
  3. Following the picture below for import process until steps 4
  4. Copy the Keystore File content we opened on steps 2, and paste it on Paste Keystore Content sections in steps 4 of above pictures

*If you opted for Ankr to generate your keys, the keys are encoded with a password that was introduced when the node was deployed, please use that password to safely recover your Keys

  1. Done you’ve imported your ANKR address to your MathWallet APP., now time to export it, for the reach the same output with CLI user that has just exported their address in to a Private Key, so we also will export it to a Private Key instead of mnemonic

For exporting, choose a logo besides your address like showing by steps 5 on point 3 pictures, and then choose > export Private Key > enter your MathWallet App password > done

Note. if you just want to use ur Cell. to explore the dashboard, just skip above steps to export the imported address to a Private Key and just head to Login to Dashboard for Cell user.

Import the address to Harmony Staking Dashboard
PC/LapTop user
#Using Chrome Extension
(Here’s Chrome Ext. divide by 2 Extension, one is developed by Harmony Dev., the others provide by MathWallet)

Harmony Extensions
~you can see how to do it in the 1st post of this thread, basically the step is same as how to importing address to dashboard using MathWallet Ext. below, which is download, sign in, paste your Private Key, done. But in Harmony Browser Ext. the Private Key sections is merge with Mnemonic, so from Recover with Mnemonic, switch Mnemonic to Private Key (in bold)

MathWallet Extensions
1 Add the Ext. into your Chrome;

2. Go to MathWallet Extension in your Chrome or Firefox browser (login), click the + sign, click import wallet, select import by Private Key, paste the Private Key you copy from the MathWallet App and click next, now you have imported the Harmony ANKR wallet into MathWallet Extension

Login to Dashboard
PC/LapTop user
#using your MathWallet Ext.
It’s the same like login with your Harmony Chrome Ext.,

Use an Existing Address > Use Math Wallet > note you must have succeed import ANKR wallet into MathWallet Extension > press Sign In on > choose the imported ANKR address > Accept

Cell. user
Click Dapp. Store, choose Harmony Staking Token, sign in, use an existing address, use MathWallet, sign in again, and choose your just imported wallet and Accept > done

Okay guys maybe just that an additional way to use Harmony Staking Dashboard with ANKR address which is for now it’s not straight directly so we need a bridge like a help from CLI or another wallet to achieves it, okay see you again, have a good day all~ :cocktail:

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