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Hello Harmony Family!

I’m Roger Travesa, I am 19 years old and I am trained in the field of digital businesses such as Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, cryptocurrencies, NFT, Forex…

I spent a good time developing Amazon, Instagram and Facebook until I saw that the true potential in the cryptocurrencies camp and in undervalued projects like Harmony, given that if there is a deep understanding of the possibilities that
has the ecosystem given its low fees, its high speed and its projection of banishing Eth in the medium-long term due to the incredible development both
technical as fundamental can be used in terms of personal results, but the best thing about having this deep knowledge is that you can
help in the development of this ecosystem to reach the next level.

As for example the Spanish DAO, thanks to its incorporation the Harmony ecosystem will reach a target audience with which the ecosystem will be strengthened.
I was commenting on the possibilities that Harmony has if there really are potential incorporations in this project with one of the
governors of the Spanish DAO and we came to the conclusion that I can contribute a lot to this ecosystem.

I currently participate as a crypto advisor in IM Academy.
I have been some years studying Web 3.0, trading and holding currencies and for a short time advising external entities in the crypto world.
Since the release of the NFT’s to the market I am quite focused on it, also with defi and Metaverse. I like to dominate all the potential digital options, or at least have extensive knowledge.

My proposal is to create content for the Hispanic-Latino community in Youtube, since there is no content on It about a lot of stuffs: how to set up a OneHarmony/MetaMask account or a lot of other tips that everyone should have acces to help them a easiest use.
For example: “Nobody explains to you that if you send all the MetaMask Ones with a transaction and then want to do another Transaction, you won’t be able to do it because you should always leave a small part of One for the transaction fees.”

I have contacted a graphic designer to help me to develop my idea into a YouTube channel and enhance points that nobody touches on Harmony.
It seems that they are not important but when you are there, you want to get out of the problem and you cannot find some tutorials in Spanish to help the user, and if you don’t have a enought knowledge with the ecosystem (the most important thing) you will still having issues. This is already a huge hold due the amount of the hispanic community that are lost because there is no covereing content in spanish at Youtube.

To put this idea into practice, I would like to apply by 2 possibilities:
1- By the Contributor apply
2- By funding the project:
Graphic designer for Youtube account: $2,000
Video editing designer for Youtube: $3,000
Dedicated hours in the following 3 months: $3,000

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Nice to see people wanting to help the protocol!! Keep going💪

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Welcome, @Roger_Travesa! I am tagging @adrianrobison here, as he is our creative director. He can advise you further on a direct role on the creative team, should one be available.

Given your background, it may also be beneficial to reach out to one of the following channels:

  1. Connecting with the DAOs in our ecosystem

We are working with various DAOs to post links to their open positions that you can apply for:

  1. The Ambassador DAO is looking for additional ambassadors to assist with their efforts. You can apply here:

Also, connecting with our regional DAOs may become very helpful for all parties involved. There are more, but here are two you can reach out to.

Spanish DAO - Spanish DAO - #35 by SpanishDAO
LatAm DAO - Harmony Latam DAO

Throughout our forum, there are many other DAOs that you are welcome to create a connection with.

I am sending my best, and look forward to everything you will accomplish!


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I am interested in aiding in funding this adventure.