Apply to be one of the 100 Harmony Foundational Node Partners!


Details about running Foundational Nodes

The partners who sign up to run Foundational nodes shall be participating in the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validating network on our mainnet, which shall be launched in mid 2019. Each node operator will be entitled to staking rewards. More details of the rewards will be shared with the community in the following weeks.

In order to reserve your staking tokens for the launch of the network, you will need to make a minimum investment.

Some Thank You goodies for running a Foundational Node

  • Limited Edition Harmony Foundational Node T-Shirt signed by the team
  • Participation at Harmony‚Äôs Foundational Community Conference in 2019
  • Access to an exclusive Node Operator Discord channel
  • Additional 40% node tokens bonus


  • Complete KYC/AML via Coinlist (US) or OpenToken (Non-US)
  • $10,000+ in investment
  • US participants must be accredited
  • Introduce yourself on our forum and discord!

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