Ban scam accounts

is there a way to ban scam accounts from the forums
people who are vulnerable after being hacked being targeted for more scam
i have flag their PMs as inappropriate not sure if that help with their accounts being banned
we should have a central way of rounding up this scammers and inject fear to their soul

Harmony team please advise on whats the best way to keep the community safe and a better way to regulate this forum from scammers

for a start i think can post the user account that PM you with “support” of “miracle solution” in this thread and hopefully harmony team can use this thread as a ban request and clear daily


I really feel for you. I’m not an expert or developer, just a user. The reality is that as we try to develop decentralized platforms, banning should be used in only the very rarest of instances of imminent danger because of the association of an account. Education is really the only key to improving safety for people who are being targeted by scammers. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but think about it like a trustless system instead of a trustworthy system:

  • Use links provided on trusted platforms like defillama and coingecko.
  • Learn how to use Explorers to check on the top holder wallet activity’s on a chain/dApp - if there’s just a few wallets holding most of the crypto, those wallets are going to dump on everybody else.
  • Develop your own methods to verifying for yourself. Ask yourself why this account/individual is even reaching out to me? How can I connect with other community members to see if they have any interactions with this account and what the quality of the connection really is.
  • You can get a ton of information about any project without having to get involved with the project - dapp Radar, Milk Road… if the project has no verifiable information, just stay away from it.
  • There’s no reason to exchange any information. at least not at first. Specifically have a totally separate hot wallet that keeps a small amount of crypto for connect to protocols/chains,etc.

I guess what I’m trying to say is build your own defenses. It takes work, but it keeps the responsibility, and freedom, in the hands of the individual.

That said, I am a huge fan of the community pointing out accounts that have been proven to be a scam account. I’m also a huge fan of shunning. I wish there was more to do, but short of just creating another centralized market, it’s important to have censorship resistant spaces.

censorship resistant space should not look like a place where people get robbed on daily basis!! it is normal for people to look for help especially when it involves metamask crypto explorers smart contracts ect…they come here and the first thing they get is the “harmony support” then a short chain of unfortunate events leaves them without their coins! Solution is definitely needed!
On a second thought…looks like scammers here are working 24/7 which means they are making good money which in turn means that no one is taking care of them because there is no money in it…here is something that has to change to bring back the trust in “harmony”. Theft is a criminal offence after all in every space! Some people can really loose their life to scammers it is just beyond sad.