Don't shoot the messenger

Hi everyone.

I was just contacted by what appeared to be a scammer insisting that I click on a link and connect my wallet to “verify” my validator address. Of course, I didn’t fall for it. But, when I tried to be helpful and inform the Harmony team via the correct channel in Discord, I was summarily, without warning, banned. The thing is, this happened to me about a year ago. So, this time around I chose my words very carefully and provided all the supporting evidence I could. My intention is to help the Harmony community grow more secure, while providing as much objective evidence as possible, because I understand people might not yet know me very well.

Far from being a scammer, I am the founder of a crypto payments company. And we are on track to onboard more than 1,250 merchants to accept crypto payments using the Harmony network. And we are also in talks with two of the largest grocery stores in America, so I believe my company has much to offer the Harmony team. But, now having been banned by mistake twice I am gun shy of helping the Harmony team identify would be ner do wells, which seems like a shame to me.

I have two questions:

  1. What do I need to provide, so you can unban my Discord account?
  2. What should I do, or not do, in order to legitimately report scammers, to help the Harmony team grow more secure, while not being banned in the future?
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Seems as the team is in meltdown mode

Hope they come back to life soon


Dm me on discord I will unban you mando#7699
Or telegram @atashion


what grocery stores is this payment system in?

Bro you just started out by saying you got banned for no reason and then continued on to shill your own project. You most likely got banned for spamming and shilling.

You should know by now that reporting scammers can be done easily through the “report” function and it works really well.

Those of us that use these platform already know that these things happen and how to deal with them. Telegram especially is a scam nightmare and should just be generally avoided.

You acting like you don’t understand why you got banned and that you somehow don’t know how to report scammers, while shilling your own project is a weird flex man, but okay.

Wasn’t trying to flex, sorry if you took it that way. I haven’t used the “report” function, but will look for it.

Would love to share that info, but can’t until it’s made public.

That makes sense. I imagine the entire team has a lot on their plate right now.

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