Barcelona and Madrid Events

Spanish DAO Barcelona Event

Good afternoon. The event held on 19 March at the Kimpton Vividora hotel in Barcelona was excellent.

More than 50 guests attended and had the opportunity to get to know the Spanish DAO team and receive information related to the Harmony ONE ecosystem.

Our main objective of the meeting was to report all the advantages of Harmony ONE and show the main differences with other blockchains. We believe that this objective was more than achieved.

Some of the projects we had the pleasure of getting to know more closely are the following:

  • Tollan worlds: Multi-Metaverse RPG game with an active gameplay.
  • HUB: Gaming portal where you can see the investments in each game and includes NFT’s marketplace and future incorporation of P2P with NFT’s.
  • Validator: Proposal for the implementation of a validator, already in testing period.
  • Trading bot: A project based on a trading bot was presented.

On the other hand, when transmitting all the values of Harmony ONE, it was also very important to show closeness with all the attendees. One of the pillars of the Harmony ONE ecosystem is the group of people behind it, so another goal was for all the guests to feel comfortable so as to maximize this great community.

Summit Metaverse Madrid

Spanish Dao team travelled this Thursday to Madrid to attend the Metaverse Summit in Madrid, being a Sponsor of the event. We would like to thank Yingzi for all the support he gave us during the event and the after-work.

We had the pleasure to learn more about the world of Metaverse, 3D, VFXGaming, VR, AR, WEB 3 through the words of professionals in the industry, among these were some architects of the metaverse (mainly sandbox), the CEO of a gaming company that is betting on the metaverse, a Deloitte analyst, even a crypto world writer and many more people with knowledge of web3 and ecosystems.

Later we moved with the Plei-DAO team to the event after the conference to meet their project, their entire team and enjoy networking with all the guests while we had dinner and a drink. To finish enjoying a great “After work” on a beautiful terrace in Madrid. Accompanied by more than 50 people of different nationalities.

We met with different projects that were very interested in learning about the Harmony Protocol ecosystem and its different advantages. Some of them are already preparing their projects to present them to Harmony.

Some of these projects are:

  • Nomulabs: NFT’s project, it’s a group of people from Madrid that try to implement NFT’s through augmented reality allowing to observe them in previously defined places in the world through a device that allows to see the augmented reality.
  • Plei Games: This is a project based on gaming within the metaverse, through the acquisition of NFT’s and tokens will allow in the future access to this family of games without the need for a heavy investment.

We also met some experts in other fields such as: the interoperability of NFTs/TOKENS between chain, some experts in metaverse architecture and also a couple of women who wanted to join Harmony to promote feminism within the ecosystem.


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We made it! Thank you @Plei-DAO and hope to work together in the near future! :smiley: WAGMI


We have done it, very excited about the work done so far. :point_up_2:t2::blue_heart:


I’m realy excited with that past two weeks, we meet lot’s of interesting projects and I hope they can carry on and maybe build them on Harmony ecosystem! Gonna heard of them not far away! :slight_smile:


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Proud of this!! We’ve known attracitve projects that can grow in Harmony!

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Thanks to everyone who has made this possible!
It has been an unforgettable and very enriching experience.
Several projects have been presented but above all we have met incredible people behind each one of them and I think that, like me, you would love to meet them!
Thanks for nothing… Thanks for everything!

Well done! Amaizing photos from the event


Thank you guys @SpanishDAO ! It was great to get to know you and we’re looking forward to working together! LFG :rocket:


Buen trabajo, que será lo próximo?

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Very happy with the meeting in Madrid, I hope to meet again very soon. :point_up_2:t2::blue_heart:

Estaremos por ETH Amsterdam, a ver si podemos conocernos alli :slight_smile:

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Hola, buenas noches. Encantado de conocer la existencia de Spanish DAO. He visto que habéis hecho un par de eventos en España. Uno en Barcelona y otro en Madrid. Yo vivo en Madrid. Me hubiera encantado haber sabido donde y cuando se producía el evento de Madrid. Hubiera sido muy interesante haber asistido. Veo que habéis colgado en Harmony, imágenes del evento de Barcelona. Me gustaría, ya que no pude asistir, ver algunas imágenes o video del evento de Madrid. Muchas Gracias. Saludos.:blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

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Hola, buenos dias! en este mismo post las 2 imagenes debajo de Metaverse Summit Meetup Madrid, son del evento de madrid la primera i de la fiesta post evento la siguiente. De todas formas es verdad que no hay tantas fotos ni video como en barcelona; se deve a que nuestro camara profesional no pudo viajar a Madrid.
Todo i esto voy a colgar alguna foto echa con mi movil, i preguntare entre los demas gobernadores por si tienen alguna mas!
Un Saludo!

Buenas tardes, nose si tienen grabada la conferencia, en caso de que si, si encuentro el link se lo comparto. Un saludo.

Can you share the link? Also, any updates since March?