Metaverse Summit: Madrid 2022 - VIP After Party

Name of Event/Project
[ :rocket: Metaverse Summit: Madrid 2022 - VIP After Party]

Proposal overview
The VIP After Party will be a networking event that will take place after the closing ceremony of “The Metaverse Summit: Decrypt the Metaverse, The New Business Eldorado”. That said, the VIP Party is intended to provide an intimate space to establish connections among the leading minds redefining the future of creativity and technology in the country.

Plei is committed to creating a space that will bring forward business opportunities among the different players operating in the sector. This VIP event will facilitate an environment intended to share ideas and ongoing projects, as well as analyze potential opportunities for collaboration. Looking beyond the potential impact this event will have over our industry, the VIP event will also help to bring awareness among the larger business ecosystem in the city, and put forward discussions on the Metaverse at the local and national level.

As a DAO investing in yield generating gaming assets, Plei is innovating and expanding its business verticals to serve our community’s interests as well as to take advantage of diverse growth opportunities. Plei is at the epicenter of some of the latest developments in the country’s blockchain scene and is uniquely positioned to meet this moment as the company matures and our capacity to impact the industry grows exponentially.

Aligned with our positioning in the blockchain national scene, we believe that we must celebrate the VIP event at Torcuato, situated in Calle Serrano, known for being one of the most distinguished spots in town, as well as the golden miles of the city.

Proposal ask
Budget: 3.000 €

The Service Will Include:

  • Outdoor space for 50 people
  • Healthy catering during the whole event
  • Bar service (wine, beer, soft drinks…etc)

External links

Metaverse Summit: Metaverse Summit Meetup Madrid – METAVERSE SUMMIT
Torcuato website: Restaurante Torcuato - Grupo La Fábrica


@Abhi Of course,
Pending confirmation, the location will this rooftop: Home - Grupo La Fábrica
Location: C. Serrano, 61, 28006 Madrid. This neighborhood is ideal for the celebration of the VIP event, as it allows great ambiance for networking.

The cocktail menu would be 60euro/person, which makes the total of the amount for the founding (60euro for the 50 attendees).

The attendees for the VIP Event are an equivalent to 1/3 of the total number of attendees to the previous event of the Metaverse Summit.

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Thank you, we can approve this proposal for 3000 euros, which fits within our event guidelines.

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This event is approved for the amount of 3000 euros, or $3325 USD. Please share your Telegram or Discord ID with me in private message @Plei-DAO so we can discuss funding logistics. Thanks for the proposal and looking forward to speaking soon.

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Hi @dpagan-harmony , I DM on LinkedIn

Hi @dpagan-harmony, my Discord ID is Claudia_Plei#0861 !

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Buenas Claudia, he mandado solicitud de amistad via Discord (CryptoSam.One) para hablar sobre el evento :slight_smile: Gracias!

Perfecto Pol, ya te he añadido :wink:

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Thanks Claudia - I’ve added you as a friend on Discord. Just messaged you.

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Hey Claudia :wave: Next steps will be to send KYC (selfie holding ID) to Also if you can please post a copy of the venue’s quote here on the thread. Feel free to redact your full name or personal info if necessary before uploading here.

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Hey Daniel, we will send the KYC of Luis Arismendi Abastida, co-founder of Plei to Here is the venue’s quote.

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the event has been held and funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer