Beta DAO Proposal

Congrats Beta DAO! We would love to help you in onboarding members on to your DAO. Please have a look at our proposal Request for Grant -

We already have a working product and can get started right away :slight_smile:


Beta DAO’s value is necessary. Couldn’t be happier to work together!


Is it possible for our team to schedule a meeting with the Harmony team to discuss how Beta DAO can grow in the Harmony Ecosystem? Thanks

I believe it is possible! I would also encourage the Beta DAO to reach out to the DAO’s currently operational on Harmony!

Please send an invoice to when the DAO is ready. Thank you.

funded: 0x96ceb5afba0af52ab6903e797dce660c0599522221749287892fd09ea3cfff44

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Hi, here is Beta DAO’s March Report

In March, Beta was able to achieve the following milestones:

  • Initial formation of the Beta DAO
  • Two Guest Speaker Events
  • Two Beta Startup Salon
  • One Collaboration Community Event
  • 100 discord members

There were 4 guest speaker events hosted this month:

3.10 - Beta x Trinity Ventures
3.12 - Beta x Ellen Ma, Managing Director @UpHonest Capital
3.23 - Beta x Robert Chesnut @Airbnb
3.26 - Beta x Thomas Chung @Wish

We also hosted an event in person at Beverley Hills before the NFT LA
3.20: How Web3 is changing the next-gen user experience

This event was not on the roadmap but we think it would be cool to host an in-person event with 3 amazing web3 founders before the NFT LA to warm up the overall community vibe. There were 80+ people who attended the event in-person

We collaborated with UpHonest Capital for an investor event at UC Berkeley. The founder & general partner, Wei Guo had attended the event in person to talk about his story of funding early startups.

There were 2 Beta Startup Salon (AMA) hosted this month, one at 3.5 and the other at 3.19. The AMA sessions were only open to current Beta members since we are also using the chance to let our users test the Discord Server for us. There are currently 119 discord users in Beta’s Discord, all Beta’s core users. The Discord server is pretty much done by now, all the necessary bots were set properly and we will only need to do minor changes based on members’ feedback.

One thing we were not able to achieve for this month is setting up a Twitter account & get 100 subscribers. The reason we were not able to deliver that is that our main focus for this month is mainly on software development, UI/UX design, event planning, & organizing. We are starting to develop more content starting in April and we think it would not be hard for us to achieve the initial set goal of 300 Twitter followers in April.

For the financial part, the excel sheet attached below will show our financial details. There are a few things we want to highlight:

  1. All of the governors had agreed that we would only take $30 per hour instead of $75 at the current state because we have not figured out a financial plan to be self-sustained yet.
  2. We’ve onboarded one contributor with an hourly salary since his contribution is essential for the DAO’s development. We will continue to bring more contributors after we came across a comprehensive contributor guideline
  3. Special thanks to all the community members who are willing to contribute without any monetary incentive. Your support is important to the community and we will continue to deliver more valuable content in the future
  4. We are still facing some technical issues with transferring funds out of the multisig wallet. So the salary for this month has not been deployed to the governor and contributor’s wallet yet. I will update the deployment details once we send all the funds.
  5. This forum does not allow attaching PDF or excel files so I will upload our Clockify timesheet to this google drive: Google Drive: Sign-in. And a screenshot of the excel file that contains accounting details to the end of this post.

Milestones for April
Original Plan for April:

  • Three Beta Startup Saloon
  • Two Speaker Events (Planning)
  • Publish One Entrepreneur Course
  • Two Entrepreneur workshop
  • 200 Discord Members
  • 300 Twitter Follower

Additional Plan:

  • Beta DAO official website
  • Beta NFT sneak peek
  • Finishing Contributor reward/leveling mechanism
  • Online Event with Harvard

In April, we will keep focusing on setting up the basic DAO structures & tools development. At the same time, the NFT design will start to talk place. Content will be the next thing we keep pushing forward beside the basic DAO fundamentals. Bounty will also be started during the month of April.

Accounting Details for March