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DoDAO is an educational hub and offers onboarding solution for DAOs. Below we discuss more on these two offerings of our organization.

DoDAO Education Hub - For DoDAO educational hub, our goal is to become the foremost resource for everything related to DAOs. We will be providing educational content in the form of articles and videos. We hope that this resource hub will help people learn about DAOs and how DAOs can be used to create value. The articles we publish are divided into four categories

  1. DAO Frameworks - DAO Frameworks are sets of tools that allow DAOs to improve their collaboration, governance, and operations. The frameworks provide templates and best practices that help DAOs to get up and running quickly while still maintaining a high degree of standardization.
  2. DAOs - We talk about the mission, governance, current state, tokenomics etc of the DAOs
  3. Bogs - There are general informative articles
  4. News - The DAO space is constantly evolving with new projects and announcements. In this section, we provide an overview of the latest news in the DAO space

DAO Onboarding Platform - DoDAOs onboarding platform enables DAOs to create interactive onboarding content in the form of guides. Our guides are far better than normal documentation in a number of ways

  • Guides are to-the-point and are meant to onboard users for a specific role or task.
  • Information is presented to the user in a piece-by-piece way i.e. in steps.
  • Guides have evaluation steps that force the user to go through the contents carefully
  • Guide completion is tracked i.e. we know the user’s wallet address, completion date, and score.
  • This data can be queried to apply smart logic like: gating of discord channels, gating of product boards, and proposal voting

You yourself can see these advantages by giving our guides a try


Currently, it’s mostly me(Robin Nagpal) who has worked on the technical solution and funding of creating the educational content. Some of the other members who are working with me are

  1. Jyoti Puri(UI Developer) - Some UI Updates and Fixes
  2. Isha Seth - Freelance content writer
  3. Chigozie Njoku - Content Writer
  4. Vinay Vashisht - Freelance content writer
  5. David - DAO Partnerships
  6. Guy Hochstetler - Robin & Guy will do youtube videos together interviewing the DAO core members

The funds that we get will be used to make our content ARM a true DAO. After we get the funds, we will add at least 3-4 content writers to our DAO

Proposal ask



This is how the grants will be used. Each and every task we work on, and the funds we use will be shared in detail in a ongoing manner

  • Partner with 8 DAOs to increase their active member participation ~ 16K
    • Write articles
    • Do youtube videos
    • Write high quality onboarding guides
  • Create DAO member onboarding blueprint
  • Educational Content ~ 8K
    • 10 High quality articles related to DAOs
    • 4 Youtube videos with DAOs
  • Onboarding Platform ~ 12K
    • Improved UX and make it mobile friendly
    • Onboarding at least 5k users to different DAOs

Metrics for success

Completion of all the above mentioned milestones in 3 months

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Thank you for submitting a proposal to $300M Ecosystem Fund :blue_heart:

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:heavy_check_mark: Please ensure that your proposal meets the criteria necessary to be considered for a Harmony DAO bootstrap grant.

Note, that even if your proposal meets certain criteria, it does not necessarily guarantee approval or funding :see_no_evil:

Thank you for your time and interest! :rocket:


Thanks @frwrdslosh Grant is just one part.

Since big part of what we are doing is educational content, we need to connect with DAOs who are on the path to true decentralization.

We are already talking to a few DAOs to produce educational youtube videos.

If someone can guide us and connect us with the right DAOs, that will 10x our output.


This video explains about the onboarding platform :grinning: :green_heart:


Perfect Match for AURADOGS DAO we would be more than happy to collaborate and grow together ! Keep up we support you !


Thanks @Rufo21. I joined your discord server. Lets connect in the coming week :hugs:

Upon grant approval we can work with members of HER DAO(HER DAO: Women Developer DAO - #37 by robinnagpal), and portion of the funds can be redirected to them upon successful completion of the tasks mentioned in the proposal


Great proposal and I love that you’ve included YT videos showing interviews with DAO members! I also appreciate your idea to work with us HER DAO members. We are starting a research lab for this kind of work :slight_smile:


Thanks @Sianoi would love to work with you and we can add onboarding guides for HER DAO.

Perfect, I will relay this info to Thuy - governor and lead researcher I will be working with. Add me on TG: @Sianoi99

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@frwrdslosh Do you feel we should have Harmony DAOs here it self DoDao

or create a separate site/domain like with domain “” or “” ?

I can work with @Sianoi and we can already get started on the onboarding content for HER DAO.


looping in @Devin as well :blue_heart:

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Great proposal and a valuable tool. I’ll speak with @frwrdslosh about altering the existing DAO Tooling Grant guidelines to better suit your platform!

Thank you, @robinnagpal.


Thanks @DevinMarty @frwrdslosh! Its very motivating to hear good feedback :green_heart:

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@frwrdslosh @DevinMarty here is the progress we have made in the last few days

  1. We setup a separate site for Harmony DAOs
  2. Created an onboarding guide for HER DAO - HER DAO: Women Developer DAO. Will be reviewing it with them and creating more guides
  3. Plan to work with @Rufo21 and create a couple of onboarding guides for Aura Dogs Aura Dogs DAO animal aid bootstrap grant - #41 by Rufo21. Also plan to create some DAO educational content with them.
  4. Added discord integration so that the DAOs can get updates in Discord whenever a guide is completed by a member

Waiting for an update from your side on the grant. Its very crucial for us as it will 10-20x our speed and output.



Amazing. Please expect a response from us in the next few days! Really great work. Very happy to see DoDAO already integrating with the DAO eco. :blue_heart:


Hi @frwrdslosh here are the updates from last week


  1. Added onboarding guide for Africa DAO(Africa DAO). Still need to collaborate with them and ask them to review the content
  2. Added feature to collect user information within the guide itself
  3. Added single choice question type also

Next we plan to create onboarding guide for

Can you please share an update on the Grant :slight_smile: :green_heart: :blue_heart:

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@Godiva Here are the recent updates to the project :-). Here is the first guide which we created as a sample for HER DAO DoDao.

Would love to get your feedback and create more onboarding guides for HER DAO :slight_smile:


@robinnagpal ,

I’m Chak, and I’m now heading the DAO onboarding efforts here. There is some amazing stuff here lots of potential, although i think this might be more of a DAO tool at first glance. Ive actually been working on something similar as well, I’d like to support you in your journey and get you funded asap. Perhaps we can work together to get you to MVD status and align efforts on the educational program. I feel like theres a potential value exchange here that can alter DAO’s at Harmony moving forward.

Can we set up a time today to speak on this? Excited to hear more about your project.

Chak Raam ( DAO Ops /OnBoarding)

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Thanks @Chak_Raam :blue_heart: :pray:. Will DM you my calendar link.

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