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Proposal overview

While the Harmony blockchain network is growing rapidly, many authors and readers of cryptocoinexpert.info are very unfamiliar with the mechanism of creating and managing Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and Decentralized Applications (dAPPs). HarmonyDAOexpert is trying to show the effectiveness of DAO on our own example, we’ll show people our experience, make and publish training materials on our website and attract new users to Harmony.

We’re sure that DAO and dAPPs backed by crypto-economic incentives are our common future! The cryptocoinexpert.info site can become an effective training and media channel for all DAOs and dAPPs in the large and friendly Harmony family.

3 HarmonyDAOexpert mandates

  • Growth : instill a mission and culture to new users, spread values in communities
  • Engagement : maintain content about roadmap changes and achievements, create creative campaigns for products in the Harmony ecosystem
  • Diversity : create educational materials, media occasions, activity and voting in forums, activate and increase active participation in community management

HarmonyDAOexpert Mission:

Our main goal is to effectively interact with all existing and future Harmony DAOs, educate about Harmony technologies, and attract target users to the Harmony blockchain network from among the subscribers and readers of cryptocoinexpert.info.

For this purpose we will create understandable learning content and teach people to develop dAPPs, work and earn money in Harmony network, tell them about the project’s technologies and show how to use these technologies every day in real life.

Our main audience is students of technical universities and programmers, graduates of these universities and teachers. To attract the target audience to the Harmony project we have planned to train developers and help them create dAPPs Harmony. We have good opportunities for this.

Indicators Cryptocoinexpert.info:

Number of verified authors (who published more than 2 articles) - 14
Number of authors who applied for publishing articles - 162
The number of registered users - 2920 (December 2021)
Unique visitors per month (December 2021) - 23K +
Page views per month (December 2021) - 49К +

HarmonyDAOexpert vision :

The cryptocoinexpert.info site is an infrastructure for creating and publishing training and news content. HarmonyDAOexpert can become an online university with hundreds of teachers, learning content on Harmony technologies, and hundreds of thousands of students worldwide.

DAO is opening up a new way of working. We need a shift from the traditional work and career trajectory to a more flexible, more open-ended form of employment to grow. The DAO concept fits well with our vision of progression. HarmonyDAOexpert needs a little centralization during the creation phase. But once we have a clear vision for development and our treasury/voting/participation tools are in place, we can be ready to hand over control to the community.

Our first steps :

At the beginning of 2022 we introduced cryptocoinexpert.info and the authors of our site to the Russian-speaking community.

On 24.01.2022 we held a meeting of cryptocoinexpert.info authors. The meeting was attended by @m1m2, @Lenivkin, @Andrej_Syromyatnikov, @Letoleto, @Ihor.

We decided to jointly develop the Harmony column on the cryptocoinexpert website, create educational content, media events, and spread information about the project on cryptoforums, in our social networks, mailing lists, and among our partners.

We have planned the first HarmonyDAOexpert goals :

  • DAO Funding Submission and Proposal - HarmonyDAOexpert
  • Develop the Harmony section of our website
  • HarmonyDAOexpert takes responsibility and commitment to implement Mandates
  • ONEruDAO keepers will have access to the admin panel of cryptocoinexpert.info as moderators of the Harmony rubric in Russian
  • Develop a mechanism to distribute access rights for Governors in the regional DAO Harmony in different languages
  • To develop a mechanism to encourage the creation of content in different languages of the world
  • Develop a mechanism to fill the treasure trove of HarmonyDAOexpert
  • Developed a list of candidate Governors from the cryptocoinexpert.info community - 6 of 9 Governors
  • Approved the application rule for cryptocoinexpert candidates. Authors with at least Expert level and at least 3 articles published on the site can apply
  • 3 of 9 positions of Governors we propose to choose by general vote
  • Plan to create a multisignature wallet

Our Governing Candidacies:

  1. @BitMet
  2. @LetoLeto
  3. @m1m2
  4. @Lenivkin
  5. @Andrej_Syromyatnikov
  6. @Ihor
  7. @Spacemo
  8. nickv

Proposal Ask:

$50,000 USD worth of ONE tokens

  • $10k for creating the Harmony section on the cryptocoinexpert site and publishing at least 10 introductory lessons in the Q&A format to introduce our readers to the Harmony project and its infrastructure
  • $10k for hosting 2 meetups for 50 people each
  • $10k for partnering with a regional hackathon of 100 developers.
  • $10k for sourcing 5 approved grantees from community cryptocoinexpert.
  • $10k for growing public community to 1,000 active members on Twitter/Telegram.

Metrics for success:

  • Creating a Harmony section on the cryptocoinexpert site and publishing at least 10 introductory lessons in the “question-answer” format to introduce our readers to the Harmony project and its infrastructure
  • 2 mitapas of 50 participants each
  • Regional hackathon for 100 developers (co-sponsorship, partnership).
  • 5 approved grantees from cryptocoinexpert community.
  • 1000 active Twitter/Telegram members.

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Hello, everyone. We are at the very beginning of the construction of the DAO. I have a question that interests me as a community manager. Do we need to create separate social media channels on twitter, facebook, and messengers called HarmonyDaoexpert? Or do we have the option of using our existing channels and tagging posts regarding DAO announcements with the hashtag #harmonydaoexpert? Sorry for the naive question, I’m not familiar with the rules yet, but I stand corrected :upside_down_face:


can we just use subdomain for this project like expert.harmony.one ? I think using an existing channel is much better than creating a new social media account, it’s just like you said using hashtags


Hi, my name is BitMet.

Since 2018 I have been developing the cryptocoinexpert website and community together with my colleagues, attending conferences and communicating with blockchain developers.

I am one of the initiators of HARMONYDAOEXPERT.

My mission is to lay the foundations for decentralized management of the cryptocoinexpert site and community, so I am interested in developing DAO in the Harmony blockchain network.

I have experience in community development and large internet sites, and know how to engage users in internet projects.


Hello, my name is Igor, nickname Lenivkin.

I got acquainted with cryptocurrencies in 2017. In addition to trading and investing, I began to get acquainted with media resources in this area. Also I participated in ICO and wrote articles on thematic forums. In 2019 I became one of the first authors on CryptoCoinExpert.

In 2020 I knew about Harmony. This project interested me, so I began to study its ecosystem. The idea of ​​DAO also seemed attractive to me. I was inspired by the goals set by the decentralized team and the Harmony community.

At HarmonyDAOexpert, I plan to continue popularizing Harmony in the Russian-speaking segment by creating new content on CryptoCoinExpert, developing the talk.harmony.one forum, and working with our community.


Hello @m1m2!

Very excited to see people getting involved with DAO’s. Not only in terms of participation, but also in terms of helping people learn about DAO’s and dApps! :brain:

Your mandates are very similar to that of a Regional DAO

Given your close ties with the ONEruDAO, I would first like to see if it would be possible to work with that DAO. Anybody can join a DAO. Just because you’re not a governor, does not mean you’re not part of a DAO.

I will loop in some @ONEruDAO Govs to see if a partnership can blossom.

@TonyTokenized @Yoel_Romero_ONEruDAO @nickv


the question here, that @m1m2 wants to contribute and expect to paid, as his contribution model involves lots of people who produce content and push it out; i think it’s very similar to what we propose within the Income section


The first campaigns about the study of cryptocurrencies were started in 2018, watching interesting ones such as BTC, IoTeX, BCH, I realized that the future is in the crypto industry! Developing interesting products in the traditional business, making a profit from several other projects was not going to stop there! The next project was сryptocoinexpert.info, becoming its participant, the development and stability opportunities increased more and more! While participating in the cryptocoinexpert.info project, I paid attention to other projects and Harmony became one of them in 2021, after a detailed study of the project, it turned out to be very promising in my vision!


Hello everyone

My name is Andrew.

I have been interested in cryptocurrencies since 2018, first I traded and mined BTC, then other cryptocurrencies. I saw the future in blockchain technologies, tokenization and market development of these technologies, and began to study them more deeply.
Since the beginning of 2020, I have joined the cryptocoinexpert community, I help in its development and popularization, I take an active part in community projects.

I have also been fond of Harmony since 2020. The creation of DAO has become one of the most interesting promising projects that open up new opportunities and prospects for community growth, popularization of Harmony and implementation in business and everyday life.


Due to the lack of activity on this thread I am going to close this thread and decline this proposal without prejudice.

I encourage those still passionate about the HarmonyDAOexpert to review the updated DAO Funding Guidelines. And if/when a new HarmonyDAOexpert proposal is submitted, please include any relevant information of work accomplished by the DAO in the meantime.

Thank you :blue_heart:


Hi. Thanks for the friendly reminder. Unfortunately due to the war in Ukraine, where I and the members of our team are from, we are temporarily unable to participate in the creation of HarmonyDaoExpert. But I expect to return to this issue in some time. I apologize for this unforeseen circumstance. Best Regards


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