Funding Proposal for an IRL event around NFT Berlin

NFT Berlin is coming up very soon. It will take place between 25th and 27th of May.
More info can be found here:
As the German DAO is planning to run 2 IRL events in the DACH region, we would want to roll out the first one connected to possibly the biggest NFT event in the DACH region. There is also Dapps2022 and crypto valley conference but it seems like this NFT event in Berlin will get a lot of traction and showcase that the crypto industry as well as use cases for NFTs including digital art is growing in Berlin and the DACH region.
The German DAO members are not located at one centralised place hence it is best to decide for a place which is reachable by different sorts of transportation systems. Berlin allows crypto enthusiasts from the DACH region to easily visit and stay.

About the event that we would like to host:
The main topics are NFTs and the metaverse. We would want to provide educational content about those web3 topics which could be done by talks or presentations. The event itself would end by a techno party.

*50-200 people
*between 25-27th of May
*drinks & food included
*NFT exhibition + rave + metaverse experience
*venue tba

Currently +40 artist applications to be featured in the NFT exhibition

We would have 4 DJs on board who will play techno

Our own metaverse club provided by Aulios!

Free drinks, food & meeting web 3 people

To proceed, it would be great to get to know more about the funding process.
We are scouting venues, talking to cosponsors/cohosts, artists etc.

We have one offer for a venue:
Costs for the studio would be
Rent 4000€
Prep Day 2000€
Cleaning 350€

I assume this is way too expensive even if we would manage to have 200 guests.
I have read in the harmony forum that there will be $10K for 100ppl with a co-sponsor.
Could someone please elaborate on it?
We would want to know whether we should plan for 50ppl, 100ppl or 200ppl

Thanks a lot and looking forward to host this event in order to spread harmony, grow the social media channels for harmony and hopefully have new DAOs coming out of this event.

Please feel free to ask any question.

Hello @dcjanio, i think you are talking about this.

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yes either this one or the 50ppl meetup which is a milestone for the german regional dao.
Should i move it to the event category?

Thanks for the reply

@frwrdslosh hey could you provide an answer here?
I would love to organise an event in 3 weeks but it is getting more and more unlikely.

Best regards and thanks

The date would be on 24th of May. We suggest from 6pm until 2am but could be adjusted if needed.
In terms of location, funding guidelines for a 100ppl event or 50ppl event plus approval would be appreciated. What additional info is required in order to kick it off?
Happy to answer any question

Hello, @dcjanio and apologies for the delayed response.

Unfortunately, Harmony has paused approving funding proposals temporarily.

I will keep you updated.

Hey @frwrdslosh thanks for your response.

It would be part of the Harmony Germany DAO as the 50ppl in-person meetup or bigger but it is not approved yet either.

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