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Project Name

Block to Basics: An Introductory Blockchain Kamp for Kids


Conduct exploratory research on the implementation of early-life digital literacy training in low-tech environments throughout Jamaica


Immersion of 5,000 children in blockchain curriculum to drive digital literacy & adoption of blockchain technology

Key Performance Metrics Tracking

Total Number of Learners Enrolled

Total Number of Projects Created

Total Number of NFT art pieces created

Total Number of Virtual & In-Person Sessions Held

Locale: Northwestern & southeastern communities within Jamaica

Duration of Project: 6 months

Target Audiences

Primary: 7 to 16 year olds

Secondary: Extended family of primary audience

Areas of Focus: digital literacy, internet privacy, cybersecurity, cryptography, digital design


As digital natives, early learners are constantly engaged with smart tools within the web2 ecosystem. Despite this engagement, the interplay of technology and daily life often goes unnoticed. With this grant, we’re helping the next generation gain knowledge on how to leverage technology to tackle social and environmental issues which will improve their overall digital literacy skills.

The Approach

Using art as an entry point, we will teach digital literacy & design in the context of a blockchain environment. In order to optimize delivery of the learning experience, we are partnering with community centers, libraries, schools and a local artists’ guild in the UNESCO-declared Creative City of Kingston, Jamaica.

The Cost:

Development costs for different aspects of the project have been broken into discrete activity based budgets. STEAMHouse will be responsible for providing the elearning platform as well as in person learning tools required for teaching hours. For the first phase of our introductory blockchain training, it is projected that we will spend close to US$10,000 to reach 5,000 children for six months across four (4) locations.

Item Cost
Curriculum Development & Instructional Design $2,500.00
Administration & Instructional Expenses $3,000.00
Monitoring & Evaluation $1,500.00
In-person Mobilization $2,000.00
Transportation $1,000.00
Total $10,000.00

For the second phase, we will take the learnings for this exploratory research to expand blockchain education to other primary and secondary level learners throughout the Caribbean, namely, Haiti, Trinidad & Tobago and Puerto Rico.

About STEAMHouse

STEAMHouse is a STEAM education social enterprise headquartered in Spanish Town, Jamaica. We work throughout the Caribbean to drive digital transformation by engaging early learners in robotics, coding and digital design.

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As part of Harmony X, I approve this $10K grant


funded: 0xf8a3e3d88a36db71d5a6e9183ea22ce8b4427f46d035e7e791dcc72d849b869c

Hi Harmony Community,
Here is the first of many updates from myself & STEAMHouse since the launch grant award.

March 18: Launch the Makers STEAM Club with over 300 educators and learners signing up over 72 hours
April 6: Entered into a partnership agreement with the Jamaica Library Service which has a network of over 100 public library spaces for youth and adult learners. Through these spaces we will be able to offer programs to upwards of 5,000 learners monthly
UPCOMING April 28: We will be launching our K12 Blockchain course through our web platform. The course will also be available in Portuguese thanks to our friends at Blockchain Na Escola who are also Harmony Grantees.
April 28-30: Coinciding with the launch with the new course launch, we will also be hosting an in-person Girls in ICT Hackathon Series** This will be our first in-person activation which will run on locations as well as a virtual track. We are expecting 500 girls from 12 to 18 to be a part of this experience to learn about cryptography, cybersecurity and web 3.

As we continue to build the TVL within this community, we do need some support on the following: Engineering : Building out on-chain certs to mark learning milestones
Curriculum Support: Connecting with other web3 educators who teach at high school
Media : Recommendations for various web3 and tech media houses who may be interested interviewing students as they go through our cohorts.
Partners: There are lot of interesting projects already in the Harmony ecosystem. We would love to partner with existing projects in GameFi & NFT/Digital Assets which would give our students broad exposure to what can be created and explored within this domain.

If you have questions or general feedback about this project and the progress we’re making, I’d love to chat with you. Feel free to DM. I welcome suggestions from the community.

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Thank you for posting updates. It is great to see your work for the community.