Blockchain Hackathon in Kyiv (online/offline)

Name of Hackathon

Blockchain Hackathon 2022 by Distributed Lab
March 19-20, 2022

Proposal overview

The main goal of Blockchain Hackathon 2022 organizers is to provide an opportunity for tech teams to develop a product they are passionate about using decentralized technologies. Teams will be mentored by the best blockchain industry experts to create a project prototype, which might become the next breakthrough among blockchain-based projects.

Who should attend: software development teams ready to work with blockchain, smart contracts and other related technologies.

this hackathon opens a completely new builders audience for harmony in the Eastern Europe

Proposal ask

$5,000.00 (will be distributed among the teams selecting harmony platform for their development)
$2,000.00 participation fee ( participation fee is 40% of the company’s prize fund - Blockchain Hackathon is a non-profit organization, all funds received are used to organize the event)

Metrics for success

3-5 teams to select harmony platform for development

External links

Open questions

need to know/assign 2-3 mentors from harmony dev team

cc @Mattyontap

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After speaking with Nick privately, we are sad to hear that the hackathon has been canceled. We look forward to resuming this discussion in the future :blue_heart:

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