BlokTime: A system and method for using a fungible token and non fungible token to optimize a product life cycle

BlokTime is a new measurement of the time of the life cycle of the product.

Product Rights Publishing is a new platform for publishing durable assets into digital defi markets.

We are creating liquid markets for assets with the potential to appreciate rapidly and dramatically. Markets for these assets for a broad segment of the population to participate do not exist now and have never existed.

DAO structure and method for utilizing blockchain and web 3.0 technologies and more particularly for using encrypted information in the form of a Cyberlabel linked to a non-fungible token (“NFT”) to track supply chain and product quality control, manage life cycle events relative to the product and track changes in product value over the product lifetime. patented proprietary defi platform leveraging new markets assets through liquidity based on the ability to manage the life cycle of products from IP to commercialization. BlokTime measures the life of a product to build new revenue cycles on durable assets into Metaverses, tokenization, and defi markets as a function of the patented pending web 3.0 technology and process to track products and compliance of supply chain.

Synthetics assets derived from durable products are a new class of value that is tokenized into fungible and nonfungible markets exchanges to leverage defi market decentralized platforms.

The launch of a durable good product requires capital. Because of the risk involved a manufacturer would turn to a bank for a loan, or issue equity ownership in the enterprise, both put the entire entity, not just the durable good up as collateral for the cash infusion.

Accordingly, a structure and methodology making use of the unique Cyberlabel linked to NFTs, and the use of blockchain-based tokens (fungible or not) or to raise capital while only putting the token or underlying good at risk, to overcome the shortcomings of the prior art is provided.

The goals:
Secure supply chain clients
Secure retail clients
Build a marketplace for resellers

Become the standard for supply chain logistics
Launch Defi platforms for durable goods and assets classes


  • Digital ledger registry onboarding:
  • NFT Brand development:
  • Brand Assets: Specs, TM, Copy, Art, Images.
  • Digital rights management: Brand Folder and Adobe Creative
  • Product publishing: revenue per sale cycle of brand life
  • Supply chain compliance and tracking: encrypting vendor process Vendor compliance: Government, Industry and Trade, Human
  • Product quality compliance: Rating of materials and sources

Cyber security: encrypting of each process recorded on Block time private key brand encryption: image encryption 256 bit of product Crypto exchanges:

Fluid on all exchanges and marketplaces

  • NFT exchanges: Marketplace for products converted into NFT tokens Brand Index of products: Marketplace of products listed on indexes and reseller tracking:
  • Smart Contracting and tracking authentication Counterfeit proofing: Image encryption and user 256 bit with biometrics social tracking:
  • Data Science of tracking of NFT Products in social media
  • BlockTime records all movement and transactions
  • Brand Tokenization: Brand curators offer fungible and NFT products on marketplaces to hedge and arbitrage based on the value of products including durable and digital.
    Defi Liquidity Pools
  • Product funding: Collectors buy groups of NFT products and fund the launches of the brands through premarket product funding programs through tokenization.

We have filed for patent and utility patent consisting of 20 claims. We are in the process of building the platform for launched 3rd quarter of 2022. is the CEO with years of experience in branded products and design. His patent was created for brand owners and IP holders to increase the value over the time of the creation.

BlokTemphasized textime proposal ask

Metrics for success
Launch Product Publishing Defi Solution
Launch at Complex Con
Secure Retailers, Brands, and Resellers on the platform

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Approved for $100K investment. BlokTime has the full supply chain logistics flow for many durable assets such as shoes, watches and celerity-branded fashion goods. BlokTime is tokenizing the supply chain with NFT to bring durable assets onchain through DAO-based verifiers. The close collaboration between BlokTime and Harmony will benefits both parties and their users.


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