Blockperks NFT Infrastructure

Introducing Blockperks NFT Protocol

Blockperks is a decentralised, NFT protocol that offers the best NFT marketplace for brands to launch their NFT’s. It provides the architecture and developer infrastructure that enables brands, artists and creators to successfully transition from web2.0 to web3.0.

Blockperks is already one of the most feature-rich NFT minting and secondary market platforms on Harmony. This grant proposal is designed to take this platform to the next horizon and provide Harmony with a unique NFT architecture that is needed to add value, increase adoption and attract NFT projects and creators to Harmony, against a backdrop of fast-growing and well-funded competition which are establishing themselves in the NFT landscape.

Blockperks is designed for those people who think differently. It’s for those who seize opportunity, those who believe in a more equitable distribution of wealth and those who want an alternative to existing centralised platforms. Carpe Diem.

Blockperks has studied the NFT bounties and research as detailed at; $13M Grants & Bounties on NFT

We hope that our ask in in line with those budgets and goals.

Blockperks mission is always to build the technology systems that combine the benefits of sites like Twitter and Instagram with the blockchain capabilities of OpenSea, together with monetisation of Patreon, (post-money valuation $4bn).

Blockperks brands itself as the social NFT trading app, understanding trends in the crypto-currency market and success of “social trading” apps such as etoro (valuation $8.8bn). In that context, Blockperks NFT technology powers social communities and offers the best content monetization protocol for sports, music, games, entertainment, content streaming, influencers, creators and art.

Blockperks also brings liquidity to illiquid assets and DeFi opportunities with zero-knowledge access and feature-rich NFT minting services. The protocol supports “fan token offerings”, “social tokens” and universal payment processing, resulting in mass adoption and potential for high TVL.

Blockperks team and engineering

Blockperks team is led by CEO, Gary Collins who is a member of the UK all-party parliamentary blockchain group and has over twenty-five years experience in blue chip marketing and customer acquisition.

Blockperks has an experienced development team, working day and night on the project. The team has delivered a fantastic looking front-end, optimised for web and mobile with features that rival billion dollar NFT platforms such as OpenSea, (valued at $13.3bn Jan 2022).

Blockperks has chosen to build in Next.js for better structuring and rendering. Well known platforms using Next.js include; Netflix, Uber, GitHub and Ticketmaster. Our current smart contracts are written in Solidity, including the native HRC20 $PERKS utility token and Blockperks HRC721 NFT marketplace.

Talent in the senior management team combines senior-level trading experience from Morgan Stanley, (Saher Bin Jung) thirty-years in celebrity brand-development (Elle Ullman) and over $184M in NFT sales to date, (Jerad (BLAZAR) Finck).

Members of our team are currently developing metaverse solutions for brands such as “Hasbro” ($11.6bn market cap April 2022) as well as previous NFT drops for clients including “Banksy”. Our team has a deep understanding of the NFT landscape also advising on a selection of NFT and metaverse projects, and working closely with the team behind NeoTokyo ($500M market cap.)

Blockperks’ team actively participates in the NFT community co-ordinating the sponsorship of events such as SXSW and NFT LA, including “the pink floyd experience” and specialist events at Wisdome LA, also participating at blockchain events in London.

The Story So Far

Blockperks launched its’ Beta NFT Marketplace on the Harmony blockchain.

Features deployed so far:

  • Mobile NFT minting, batch minting and unique batch minting
  • Connect MetaMask to create, buy, sell NFT(s)
  • Auction mechanism
  • Secondary market and trading
  • Create, brand, launch and edit NFT collection(s)
  • Easy to use user-interface optimised for mobile and desktop
  • Quick social sharing
  • Add metadata and properties
  • Hide/ burn NFT
  • Creator royalties
  • Multi-chain capability
  • Aggregation features (coded but not yet deployed)
  • Customisable solutions, including surprise minting (coded but not yet deployed)
  • Transactions currently available in $ONE and $PERKS HRC20
  • IPFS optimisation, database, web3 development platform and server installation
  • Co-creation, collaborative ownership and split royalties (within the smart contract)
  • Analytics and tracking pixels

Social media channels established;

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @BlockperksCommunity
Discord: BlockPerks 🏆

Official website:

What is Blockperks building and why?

Blockperks is building the best blockchain protocol for brands, artists and creators to transition from web2 to web3.

We’re doing this because;

  1. We believe that web3 and NFT’s facilitate a fundamentally better way to trade assets, monetize content and reward communities.

  2. We want to provide a viable and better alternative to existing platforms.

  3. We’d like to see a fairer distribution of wealth across social media platforms and contribute to the adoption of more efficient web3 systems.

We feel that brands and creators want to launch their NFT(s) and enter the metaverse but don’t have the right development infrastructure and lack the correct support.

Blockperks’ technical roadmap includes items highlighted by Harmony, in the research reports such as those highlighted here: $13M Grants & Bounties on NFT

What Blockperks is building

Blockperks is re-thinking the architecture of blockchain processes to be the best platform for the creation and exchange of non-fungible tokens

We’re building the most social-focussed NFT marketplace with a unique content monetization system, powered by social tokens and a fully-decentralised protocol that uses completely different processes and architecture to existing protocols that currently exist.

Why is Blockperks valuable to the Harmony ecosystem?

Blockperks is building proprietary technology with immutable, unbreakable smart contracts, which once known in the market will increase awareness and adoption of Harmony chain, not only in the NFT landscape but across many different sectors.

Blockperks is the gateway to a billion dollar IP catalogue and provides a new alternative infrastructure for up and coming NFT projects and blue chip NFT’s.

With Blockperks you have a frictionless and modernised way to launch an NFT collection, without hiring specialist development teams or employing third party agencies.

Blockperks’ team has market access and intends to expand globally through partnerships, educational events, community and digital marketing.

In the context of a market that has grown from $106 million in 2020 to $44.2 billion in 2021, Blockperks expects to skyrocket on Harmony blockchain.

Grant Funding Proposal

On receipt of funds by May 6th 2022, Blockperks will deliver on;

Milestone 1: UX and Platform Features
Budget: $10,000
Timeline: by 27th May 2022


  1. Import NFT / collection for aggregation, list, sell and make offer
  2. Surprise minting and limit number of NFT’s minted per user to facilitate Harmony NFT drops
  3. Free claim wallet connect and airdrop for HRC20
  4. Updates to UX and admin panel for improved user experience

Milestone 2: Social media growth
Budget: $10,000
Timeline: by May 27th 2022


  1. Twitter focus on Harmony with daily post & engagement, growth to 10,000 followers
  2. Instagram focus on Harmony with daily post & engagement, growth to 5,000 followers
  3. Ongoing Telegram and Discord growth with daily support and community, maintaining 500 active active users for each group
  4. Competitions to enhance engagement, engagement in private discord/ telegram channels

Milestone 3: Educational event and community building
Budget: $10,000
Timeline: by May 27th 2022

  1. Co-ordinate venue (Canary Wharf, City of London), design presentation and facilitate Harmony focussed NFT and Metaverse content for developers, creators, entrepreneurs, VC’s, artists and projects, minimum 100+ attendees including live NFT minting and auction.
  2. Benchmark conversion rates to adoption, number of new wallets connected and number of new projects recruited, produce research report on market analysis and feedback
  3. Collate and distribute Harmony focussed material concerning latest Harmony and Blockperks news

Milestone 4: Further technical development
Budget: $30,000
Timeline: by 8th July 2022


  1. Proof-of-patronage integration and social token development
  2. Gated-access for premium content
  3. Social features comment, like and follow
  4. Payment processor integration
  5. Collaboration and split royalties admin UX integration

Milestone 5: Brand awareness
Budget: $10,000
Timeline: by 8th July 2022

  1. Business development activity, partnerships that drive growth
  2. Traffic and brand awareness campaign 20,000 web visitors, (genuine clicks not bot traffic)
  3. Creators/ influencers/ artists/ NFT projects onboarded
  4. YouTube promotion
  5. Blockperks focussed AMA

Total ask $70,000

Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and will assign a representative on behalf of the Grants Ops team.

We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.

Hi @Mattyontap and @essalacher, I would like to add that;

Blockperks is launching a new NFT and Mataverse Hub in London, 7,000 square foot modern office space. This is THE incubator hub to support the local web3, NFT and metaverse developer community.

Over the last few weeks we have 4-5 NFT/ Crypto/ DeFi projects presenting to a room of 200-300 attendees, with a lot of interest from weekly sponsors. This is providing deal flow to compliment the existing inventory and catalogue that sits within our group.

We would like to go ahead with the event detailed above this month, please let me know if would like to Harmony support that?

Blockperks provides the technology, launchpad and marketing for brands, developers, artists and creators to successfully bridge from web2.0 to web3.0.

We’re building an adaptive “social media app”, where you can create a profile, mint “NFTs”, engage and monetize content, completely on-chain.

Technically, our development team have built an MVP which rivals some of the biggest NFT Marketplaces and we will continue developing a turnkey solution for artists, brands and creators to tokenize digital assets and bring them to life through web3.0 experiences, going beyond existing NFT platforms.

Special thanks to our developers: Umar Abbas, Abubaker Shazad, Danish Rabbani and Hamza Aslam,

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