Blu3 DAO Scholarship Proposal - Devconnect & ETH Amsterdam

Blu3 DAO Scholars at DevConnect/ETH Amsterdam

Blu3 DAO Background

Today, while crypto and web3 space have garnered a lot of attention and interest from women, the barriers to entry remain extremely high.

Some of the serious Challenges include:

  1. The complexity of web3 – web3 is a new word and world - with a completely “new language,” “new technology,” and “new internet resources” that are not generally utilized by the public. It is overwhelming for any newcomer (not just women).
  2. Lack of security or increased scams – Women tend to be socially conditioned to be more risk-averse. Combined with the lack of understanding as well as increased risks or scammers, this causes women to avoid this space completely.
  3. Male-dominated industry – Finally, the overwhelmingly high number of men vs women ratio can make it hard for women, especially young women, to find communities and mentors where they feel valued and included. Harassment or unwanted advances have been experienced by many women attempting to learn about web3 in physical events, which makes it harder for them to feel empowered in the space. With most opportunities in this space coming from your network, women tend to miss out on a lot of these opportunities because, statistically, men are more likely to nominate and bring on other men into their projects.

Blu3 Origins

Our name was inspired and founded as a result of Harmony’s Blue to Fly campaign. The butterfly is our symbol as it represents transformation and personal metamorphosis - shedding older identities and external expectations of society, oftentimes painful but necessary for personal growth so that we can build our strength to fly.

Blue is the color of empathy. In life, the thing that connects us most is our pain. With empathy, we’ll be able to be more understanding of each other’s situation and create more love and support for each other. Only then, we can build a better world together.

Ecosystem overview

Blu3 DAO’s mission is to empower women to achieve financial freedom through learning, exploring, and building their careers and visions in the Web3 space. Our goal is to grow and diversify the crypto ecosystem by focusing on an end-to-end solution that is fair and frictionless. This includes onboarding, education, and direct deployment of women talents into Web3 - as users and leaders. We are an ALL-inclusive female-focused DAO, and open our arms to women, trans, non-binary, and allies.

Our 3 mandates are:

  1. LEARN: Increase education and awareness of the web3 and crypto world
  2. EARN: Expand the female crypto labor market and investors
  3. PLAY: Create a fun and safe space for females to play and connect.

The Plan / Implementation

One of Blu3 DAO milestones for Q2 2022:

  • Travel Scholar Program: Establish a travel scholar program for 8 cities (with Harmony)
  • Develop approval process to sponsor up to 50 scholars to ETH and ONE events globally
  • Develop repeatable end-to-end processes from marketing, scholar management, and communication as well as on-site logistics and engagement activities

Devconnect + ETH Amsterdam - First Scholarship Program of Q2 2022

Blu3 DAO presents this funding proposal with the main objective of bringing two womxn hack teams totaling twelve people to DevConnect/ETH Amsterdam and continue growing the presence of women in the Blockchain world. With the results each scholarship had so far, we demonstrate that sponsoring inclusive communities leads to the development of a better ecosystem.

Women developers in web2 are searching for opportunities to move into web3 for their personal fulfillment, financial freedom, and freedom to innovate. We seek to help women build in this space by competing in and winning hackathons and completing developer bounties. Blu3 DAO and Harmony are also aligned with this initiative, where our scholars will have the opportunity to showcase their talents, contribute to technological growth in our ecosystems, and many for the first time experience a life-changing educational crypto conference experience.

Metrics and Goals for Devconnect + ETH Amsterdam

  • Working towards the Blu3 DAO Global vision, onboard 25+ womxn to our community through events participation and source potential future scholars and builders
  • Launch Blu3 DAO Europe and grow 25+ new community members on Telegram
  • Support our sponsor, the Harmony Ecosystem, at events during Devconnect
  • Onboard the womxn developer community to build on Harmony
  • 7+ posts from official Blu3 DAO accounts tagging Harmony Protocol on Social Media during or immediately following the event
  • Support 6+ developers to build on Harmony for the first time
  • Launch a Blu3 Developer DAO to support womxn-led developers to create revenue for our community and the DAO treasury
  • Share opportunities to build through ZKUniversity or Open Harmony Bounties with womxn developers who are scholars and who we meet during the hackathon
  • Launch first Blu3 DAO bounties and introduce 6+ developers to Harmony’s bounty program

A total of 12 womxn will be hacking towards innovation and radical social change.

This scholarship will provide €1000 for flight and food expenses, hotel accommodation inclusive of breakfast for 9 days, and Blu3 DAO x Harmony Events.

Proposal Ask
Flight €1000 x 12 scholars = €12,000
Accomodation €1150 for 9 days x 12 scholars = €13,800
Events €400 each for 2 TGI dinners and 1 brunch with HER DAO = €1,200
Core team €750 x 4 Core Team = €3,000

Total Budget and Proposal Ask = €30,000

Blu3 DAO Multisig Wallet Address: 0xC5768ee2630d7FCDAC7c2d4B19a3a3621f6F8E6E

@lij @Abraham


This is amazing! This scholarship will make a huge impact on the women and nonbinary community in web3. I’m super excited to for our 12 scholars to have this opportunity to learn, earn, and play with Blu3 DAO and Harmony :butterfly:


So happy to have been chosen as a scholar for ETHAmsterdam, BLU3 DAO has been extremely helpful and welcoming and I am already learning so much! Excited to keep contributing to this amazing group :butterfly:


Approved for Amsterdam though we ask scholarships in the future to follow the $1K USD per scholar guideline.


funded half as requested: 0x2bf5855ce7ebfdde6d3203c31667c5798991943e6afe2dd55b2581d5b69c3b0a


Wow… I’m coming off the end of this conference absolutely speechless. Thanks to Harmony, we took 3 hacker teams to ETH Amsterdam and MADE HISTORY :butterfly::tada::tada:

We had the first all womxn hacking team to win the collective first place prize :fire: on the main stage at any ETH Global Hackathon. This is huge!

Not only that, but our scholars collectively won 11 bounty prizes + 5 first place prizes :sparkles: this was an incredible success for Blu3 DAO. Thank you Harmony for making it possible. @lij @Abraham @littlemoneyboss @Daphne_Charles


We brought 50+ womxn into the Blu3 DAO Europe Telegram group, held activation events for onboarding community members to Blu3 DAO and the Harmony ecosystem by meeting the team, and created a safe space for womxn/LGBTQ+ communities. So many spaces in Web3 feels unsafe for the queer community and I want to thank Blu3 DAO for championing inclusivity at every turn.

Our full conference follow up and post-mortem will be done in the next weeks :butterfly: but I can say our impact was huge despite our team being small. Thank you again, Harmony! @lij @stse @littlemoneyboss @Abraham


Congrats to all of the amazing hacker teams and projects that came out of our trip to ETHAmsterdam/DevConnect. It was a major success!


ETHAmsterdam Finalist (Top 13 out of 165 teams)
IPFS/FileCoin - 1st Place

The DAOVerse

@Coinbase - 1st Place
@0xPolygon - 2nd Place
@tatum_io - Huge Potential
@web3auth - UI/UX Design
IPFS/FileCoin - Pool Prize


xApp Vision Prize from @ConnextNetwork
3rd place from @AaveAave
Pool Prize from @SkaleNetwork
Pool Prize from @optimismPBC


DAOraLabs also won shared 1st prize from Dune Analytics and 3rd Place from Wallet Connect :blush: Love building with this community. Thank you Harmony and Blu3 DAO for making it possible!

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Do we have a picture for proof?

the scary part is, she said, and i quote, ‘‘TELEGRAM group’’
telegram is hyper botted…

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the 2nd half of the proposal has been funded: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan