Bounty Daily Race for 1M users

Hi good day.

Since September 19 I completed the steps of “#ONEquest”, I was the only one on that day, so I’m sure I was the best of that day.

I don’t want to upset you, but I haven’t received the award I won (500 ONE).

I could also add that I won the award for more challenging onboarding (plus 100 ONE).

Since when I asked about the 10 ONE that the same post mentions “(or, ask our community channels for 10 ONE tokens as onboarding gifts)” they called me a liar in one of their groups. Until kindly verified that the post was real.

I’m waiting, thank you very much, excellent day.


ONEquest post.

Twitter post.

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hey @jeph can you share with us each step and document the process with screenshots.

@pjconleyy on our team can check after that.


Hello @lij .

First I created my 1Wallet.

Then I checked the explorer.

Then I asked in the community for the “10 ONE tokens as onboarding gifts” as the post say.
Telegram (402373) 29_09_2021 09_22_50 a. m.

Then I installed MetaMask:

Then I bought the name, (As you can see in the first image)
Then I bought the NFT.

Doing this was not in the ONEquest post.

I had to send multiple replies here because the forum just let me 1 image per reply.

But thanks in advance.


Hey @jeph thanks for making me aware of this bounty campaign, check this link below

Are you on Twitter did you post your results and hashtag?

@lij is a busy man just figured I drop the link of source. Best of luck :crossed_fingers:t4: and may the fastest ONE (or three) win :trophy:

Hello, of course, the 2 links are already in the publication.

The luck is no needed because there is not a lot of participants yet, and I was the only one these day, but thank you, and good luck to you too.

Have a great day!

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Hello, good morning, just to let you know that tomorrow is 2 weeks after I completed the steps and the post said 72 hours. I hope all is ok.

@pjconleyy @lij

Thank you for sending this to us. We are so sorry that it has taken this long. You have completed all the steps and will be awarded what was promised. Thank you for participating and great job!


It has been sent. Sorry for the delay! Thank you!


you can post the txn hash here too. (like how we did for davinci and community dao)

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Would love to see the @HarmonyCommunityDAO take on this bounty, but we have other task at hand.

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Thank you very much!!!, I hope to see you all again, because I have an idea and needed a Blockchain with good transaction fees.

I would be grateful if you could recommend me a starting point to developer resources.

I see that this community is strong and connected.

Thank you again.