Bounty:Harmony-Memo faster Chain data backup & faster synchronization

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As we all know, when deploying a chain node, the data of the chain must be synchronized first. Usually, the synchronized chain data file size reaches hundreds of GB to several terabytes. Meanwhile the speed of downloading the synchronized chain data is usually very slow, and it takes many days or even more than ten days to complete the synchronization.

In order to decrease the time spent on deploying a chain mode as described above, MEMO can provide a solution for it. Memo is a new generation of decentralized cloud storage protocol based on blockchain, and its mission is to build a reliable infrastructure for Web3.0. For the sake of achieving high scalability and high availability, MEMO has made a number of unique innovations in data tiering, verification, fault tolerance and repair mechanisms.

To solve the needs of Harmony users for rapid deployment or rapid recovery of existing Harmony chain nodes, Memo provides a safe and reliable decentralized storage solution. First, obtain the latest fragmented data snapshots of all the blockchains of Harmony, and store them on multiple storage nodes of Memo in a compressed package, then provide the URL address for downloading the chain data in a fast way.

This proposal primarily intends to provide Harmony with a snapshot backup service for sharded chain data. This service will enhance Harmony’s sharded data security and decentralization. Provides a method for Harmony node deployers to quickly deploy or quickly restore a Harmony Chain node, greatly reducing the time required to resync nodes to the current block.


Our members have different professional backgrounds. The R&D team comprises experts, professors and PhDs from many various fields such as blockchain, Internet, decentralized storage, cryptography, etc

## Proposal ask

## Justification
$250,000 grant for system construction:

(1) External fixed IP and network bandwidth lease;

(2) Storage equipment, storage space and other infrastructure purchases;

(3) System construction, such as Web pages;

(4) Establish long-term, cross-ecosystem support and maintenance partnerships

## Metrics for success

  1. Deploy Harmony sharded full nodes in order to synchronize the latest data blocks in real time.

  2. It is compressed and packaged regularly every day and stored in multiple storage nodes of Memo in real time.

  3. Provides network bandwidth and a fixed IP for the external network.

  4. Create a website that lists the download address for downloading the latest shard chain. data.

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Let’s revisit this another day. We should pursue other partnership opportunities.

This is still an existing area that needs to be solved to decentralize a chain backup service.