Add Harmony Erigon like features plan

Hi people some of you already know that i was doing this bounty:

@stse @lij
I think the core team ignores how important is that bounty, and since i have been already cancelled by your team because you tought you can manage it, i will ask for more money than the original bounty.

I will add Erigon like features to Harmony validator software for 70K
First you will pay me 20K as a warranty for me so i dont get cancelled again, then when i finish the work i will receive the rest of the money(first you pay, then i upload to github).

Estimated time for the job: 1 month.

-Also after that im willing to add real sharding features (i doubt sharding was really used untill now, it seems like dead ignored code to me in the project) with the specifications you want for other 70K.
Estimated time for the job: 3 months.

-I can upgrade your SDK for 50K if you are willing to do that too.
Estimated time for the job: 2 months.

None of the jobs will overlap, i only work in one project at a time thats my personal law.

Thats my offer. Thanks.