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I am currently using Nethereum to send swap transactions to Sushiswap Harmony Router.
If I can see my transactions waiting to be processed in the getPendingTransactions, they never go through (whereas the GasEstimate is working properly).

I tried all possible combinations to see if I had a wrong parameter… nothing; which was expected, as I validated all my parameters manually.

The funny thing: when I confirm a transaction using Metamask (either an Approve or a Swap), my pending transactions are executed.

=> if I am thinking about a transaction confirmation issue, but I have no certainty.

Anyone has faced the same issue??

Had similar issues with the python SDK don’t know why. Gas price needs to be at least 35 gwei.

Maybe it’s not correctly submitted to the chain.

Did other contract calls work?

Interesting… My Gas Price is defined automatically when passing the order (checking the GasPrice).
If constant calls are working fine, no order like call is passing straight away.