Failing to claim staking rewards

Failing to claim staking rewards. Error is “transaction failed:transaction underpriced”
this is the first time im running into this.
I logged out.
I cleared cache
I logged back in and getting the same error
The network fee is 0.000749999 ONE with NO option to change it.
Please help, this is the first time this has happened.

Hi Michael,
I am having exactly the same issue, first time this has occurred for me too. After 10th failed attempt to claim rewards I turned to the forum. I am concerned as can not find any information as to why this is occurring. I am unable to undelegated my ONE as swell. Hoping to gain insight on here if anyone has further information please.

Okay, NOW IM NOT GOING TO DO ANY THING right now until I hear someone from their tech team. I would advise you to do the same. But Ive read that this is a issue with their gas fees. Since they have been raised, we can not claim rewards or move ONE or even undelegate since we cannot change the gas fee. Now idk how true this is. This has only been going on for a little while with me, but we will see what happens. I wait patiently for someone from their support to reach out.

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Migrate to metamask. Best way to add a metamask account is to download the mobile app, then go to browser and login defikingdom. That’ll create the harmony mainnet network for you. Then import the private key from your chrome extension.

When using the metamask, you’ll need to set gas limit to 45000 , otherwise you;'ll be paying a lot more gas fees.

This is the youtube on how to do it.

(Migrating From Chrome Extension to MetaMask - YouTube)

So I have a huge mistrust of metamask. I know there is another option of math wallet. But ive never used that before. I understand that harmony is working on another wallet? Should I just wait for that? If i import to metamask, will my keys remain the same? Will the wallet address remain the same?

Wallets only exist on the blockchain - They aren’t in any app used. Apps just give you access to your wallet via your private info/mnemonic.

Metamask is the gold standard at the moment for EVM. Boutique wallets can be fun but they aren’t very agile or robust yet.

Yes you can have your wallet in multiple apps (and you can remove it when your normal wallet is back on track).


I am having the same issue on the staking dashboard, I cannot claim my rewards.
I have migrated my ONE from my chrome extension wallet, but that is just my original wallet, all my staked coins are with the delegators, not in my wallet.
If the issue is gas fees on the ONE mainnet, then that is an issue for Harmony to sort, but if this issue has been around for a week it doesn’t look like anyone is doing anything?

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Migrate to metamask, set your gwei to 100+ when you do a transaction. The staking site is working just fine.

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Thanks mate
Line 4 of the sunsetting document you sent had the answer.


I have the same issue, I am using metamask. Also, increased my gwei to 100+. Still cannot claim my rewards.

You’ll probably need to clear your transaction queue. Go to settings → advanced → reset.

Set gas limit to 45000, leave gwei as is.

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Has this issue been resolved ? I am also unable to claim rewards into my metamask wallet. It shows 0 to be claimed

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