Transfer Error

I accidentally transferred some ONE from which has the ONE network to a wallet with ERC20 network a d cant access them. Is there any way to recover?

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Can you import that wallet to your Metamask and switch to Harmony Network there?

Harmony community mods on TG are very helpful for these types of questions if you haven’t checked it out yet.

add this to SETTINGS → NETWORK in metamask and you will see the one

Harmony Mainnet




I cant thank you guys enough. I had metamask but I’m new to the different networks thing. Well honestly to crypto in general. I used to just buy and hold but the last few weeks I’ve been trying to expand my knowledge and do more things to make income instead of just relying on the price.

I was able to get the ONE and I appreciate u guys. Much thanks for all the help as I learn more everyday, some lessons are expensive, some not so much.